Thursday, 31 May 2007

Un jour triste et heureux

Ne vous inquiétez pas, je ne vous laissera pas.
Je veux vraiment que vous soyez heureux. En conséquence je pense que nous devrons laisser la nature prendre son cours.
Is she asking him about his good intentions before she breaks the inevitable news.
A day both happy and just a little sad?
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Monica said...

First of all, great place! Beautiful fountain with the sculptures!

Having said that, hmmm it doesn´t look very good for those too. There faces are something like "this is the end of the road for us".

Monica said...

I just have to say, people like you and mme.Benaut are the real treasures of this world!

Thanks for the lovely words Mme!!!

dive said...

Yikes! It does indeed look like he's just dumped her.
You're better off without him, dear!

Expression photo said...

It seems that tomorrow won't be sunny for them altogether.

Difficult to take such a picture without be seeing by the caracters ?
Each day a new picture from Château Gontier (France)

Nathalie said...

Mmmm indeed she looks dreadful!