Thursday, 24 May 2007

La brume pourpre de la soirée.

The purple haze of evening.

De temps en temps, les jeunes messieurs ont des rêves de bière (et des filles).
De ce qu'on préférerait à plus de rêve que pour avoir assez de bière?
C'est d'où il vient. Là où il disparaît est jusqu'à vous.
Rêver est toujours bon pour l'âme.

Every now and again, young gentlemen dream about beer (and girls). What would one prefer more, than to have enough beer.
This is where it comes from. Where it goes is up to you.
Dreaming is always good for the soul.


dive said...

That is a truly beautiful photograph, MB.

Mme Benaut said...

Dearest Dive, only a young gentleman would say that.

Anonymous said...

The label is what struck me, is beer french for loser?
i think hubby would use this pic as his screen saver, in fact i think most men would.

Monica said...

Dreaming is good for the soul, but this kind of dream - rêves de bière - is not very good for the belly is it?!

Michael said...

M et Mme...keep your eyes out for a mysterious package heading William's way in the next week or so. It is neither beer nor a girl, but should start him dreaming! ;-)

Bergson said...

The evening will be difficult!! The beer vapors very are successful

M.Benaut said...

Le facteur doit, donc, bientôt devenir le deuxième meilleur ami de William. Nous sommes tous très passionnants. Merci Michael.
I did say that young men like girls, as well as beer !!
When we see Kate's hubby, we will know the answer.
The evening WAS (not) difficult. - Le temps passé. We celebrated some birthdays and had some laughter. Wednesday in Australia, is for breaking the week in half.