Thursday, 10 May 2007

The trams are getting closer

Here's the next installment of the Glenelg to Adelaide tramline extension. This photo was taken where our new tramline passes the Adelaide casino on North Terrace. Bit by bit it is happening.
If the city fathers had put some thought into it we could have had APS, which is ground level current collection or "Alimentation par Sol". This system which ALSTOM have installed in Bordeaux, utilizes 3 rails. The third rail, in the middle of the tracks, serves as the power supply. This rail consists of a succession of 8 metre long powered sections, interspersed by 3 metre neutral sections. The tram as it rolls by, activates the powered section underneath, by touching it with a "frotteur" (skate). Each time no more than two, separated, 8 metre long sections are powered. This means that pedestrians in front of the tram or behind it do not run any risk, since the rail not under the vehicle is always neutral.
Here in Adelaide, however, we will have an overhead power conducter as we have had for the last 100 years.


angela said...

Looks a bit like Nice where the new tramway is going in.

You really wish the city fathers would get their act together...I guess overhead cables are cheaper.

lynn said...

Interesting. You're looking forward to riding them i suppose? Will you often?

M.Benaut said...

Your trams will be battery powered in the heart of Nice, thus eliminating overhead wires in old historic areas.

You bet. I'll post photos when the time comes. We may even have some jugglers too !!

Anonymous said...

I wish we still had trams in planet newy, or even in sydney. I have to go to Melbourne for trams and although I seen them I was on a time limit and missed the experience of riding on one. Envying your trams.

M.Benaut said...

Did Newcastle ever have trams?

lynn said...

M et Mme, i know you won't mind me asking you to pop over to Cheltenham to put the face of a lovely but missing little UK girl in your mind please? The more who see her, the more chance she will be recognised and found. She was abducted from Portugal and could be anywhere now. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Yes we did have trams. Gran used to tell us about them and the suburb that she lived in still had the tram sheds there for years after they got rid of them.

NDS said...

This shot is a wonderful "before" shot--I love seeing a work in progress.