Friday, 4 May 2007

When it comes away to blow, it Blows and it Blows !!

This week the Bureau of Meteorology in Adelaide, has been sending us high winds and driving rains, up to 150 mm in the space of one day.
Last evening our garden Rose Arch simply blew away in the wind along with all the blooming, climbing roses.
Well, - we will just have to construct another one, and when you come to Aldgate, you won't know the difference, I hope.
This is what it looked like yesterday; - today this view is too depressing.

Please, click on this shot and see how nice the roses were.


Abraham Lincoln said...

A nice photograph. It is such a peaceful scene.

julia said...

Well, it was peaceful then. one hundred posts: well done, makes me want to visit Adelaide again.

lynn said...

They were indeed beautiful i'm so sorry they are now lost. Perhaps you can salvage the plant and rebuild the arch?

Better get back on the edge of that seat Mme; there's more there now!

Monica said...

They were really very beautiful. They will grow back, you´ll see.
Anyway, seems a very very lovely house, thanks fo sharing M.Benaut.

RamblingRound said...

Sorry for the bad weather, but the rose arch is quite triumphant anyhow.

alice said...

Don't worry too much, roses bushes are very strong! I have had almost the same problem, a new support et hop, no worries!

alice said...

Houps, what the name of these wonderful roses?

Mme Benaut said...

Thanks everyone. The rose is still in tact, albeit lying on the ground. It has been pruned and hopefully M.B will restore the arch on the weekend and I can thread it back through the arch. This photo was taken in spring, not autumn - about October, I think. Alice, the rose is called "Pinky" and it repeat flowers all summer. The roses on the portico are "Pierre de Ronsard" = a very compact and dense rose whose buds are often used in bridal bouquets. Both are strong climbing roses.
M.B's eldest son was very fond of the rose arch.
On my way over to Cheltenham now Lynn to read more of your novel.
(PS M.B is sleeping).

lynn said...

I see you are up to date; so glad you are gripped by it! I have a bit of time now so should be able to update it regularly - just done another bit! Oh sorry are you on your way to bed? lol!

Mme Benaut said...

Lynn: Not yet, but soon. Just noticed the time! So gripping is your novel that I'll just pop back over again for some more high suspense - will give me something to think about while I'm waiting for the zzzzz's to take over.

lynn said...

lol you make me very happy, Mme, that you enjoy it so much! I am up much too late myself, it's nearly one o'clock and i must go and let the zeds take over too. Til tomorrow dear friend.

Kate Isis said...

How gorgeous are those roses. I've gota definately black thumb, possibly garden gangrene and am truly envious of anyone who can sustain a pot plant let alone a whole garden.
Hopefully it will all be good as new soon. xoxox

Kate said...

Well, nature gives and it takes away, too. It's interesting how well we adjust tho and move forward. Good luck on restoring the beauty!

hibble said...

Nice picture. Hope to see it in person someday.

beej said...

Good girl Mme for trimming (hopefully not decimating) the lovely rose. Of course a rose grows back and of course MB can lift back the arch. The amazing thing is that little old Adelaide has finally had a wonderful rain. Didn't need the winds though did you? Where can I read Lynne's book? Tell me about it Mme on the alternate phone number at Cooba Close (p.m.for 3 nights).My computer hiccuping again.

Terroni said...

Oh my! That is so much more beautiful than anything I have ever tried to grow.

Is that a lilac bush in the background?

lynn said...

Hi Beej i've linked the book below for you to start reading! You have to scoot to the archive's first ever post to find the beginning (called To Go or Not To Go) and work upwards from there. Honoured to have you, hope you enjoy it!

Under A Train - novel by Lynn

M.Benaut said...

Thanks guys for all your nice comments.
Kate Isis,
It's great to see you above the water line again, (in a black top as usual,-I thought the white one was VERY nice)
I'll need good luck. It's my job for the weekend.
Monsieur Hibble,
Welcome to Adelaide DP. Our doors are always open. Especially to folk from Washington State.
Please come again and join in the fun.
Looks like you and Lynn have hit it off. You will be her friend for life if you read her novel, but woe betide one who falls by the wayside.
You've made a rod for your own back, Dear.
Happy reading.
I don't think so, but Mme. will know and advise you. A lot of plants died in the drought. I'll remind her about it.
She will love it, or her daughter will kill her. ( JJ )

Mme Benaut said...

Hi Maman,
You will enjoy Lynn's novel and I will phone you tomorrow. Been a bit under the weather today.
Terroni - the plant you are referring to I think, by the entrance, is (was) a Daphne. Unfortunately it died during our summer drought, much to my dismay but in that position had a lot of competition from tree roots. The patch is now bare and I am contemplating what to plant in that space.

Mme Benaut said...

Actually Terroni, I think you may be referring to the plant in front which is a Salvia Majora (has the long purple flowers). I have several of them in the garden and they are very ornamental. The smaller ones in front are forget-me-nots and behind them, broad beans but that whole plot has changed and this summer I have had strawberries growing in there, with native violets.