Sunday, 27 May 2007

Aldgate Railway Station and our "Train Sans Vitesse".

On 14 March 1883 the Aldgate Railway Station was opened by Governor Sir William Robinson. It turned out to be a long and frustrating day for everyone concerned. The train from Adelaide with all the special guests gave up the ghost at Blackwood and it took three hours to get it going again. It was only able to pull the first coach. The others had to wait until an extra train had been organized from Adelaide. The line after being duly opened, served the town for over one hundred years. For more than twenty years it also housed the post and telegraph offices.

Est ce que l'histoire répétera, ou pouvons-nous l'améliorer ?


Anonymous said...

This is a nice story. I liked it and the photograph is nice too.

Birds in their bath at
Brookville Daily Photo

Monica said...

You sure like trains a lot don't yoy M.Benaut?!

Hope you and mme. are having a nice weekend!

M.Benaut said...

When we exchange houses, Monica, I will take photos of girls on Rio beaches, surfing, sand sun sky and the sea. I will be in Heaven.
You can take the train shots for a change, or just the wild-life here.
It will be "Rio and Beyond" by MB and ADP by Monica.
Perhaps when we meet up in Paris we can take shots of the TGV at Paris Plage and combine the two !
OK, I get the hint. No more train shots. You win.

Bergson said...

A beautiful report, beautiful history.
A question the sky is always blue in Adélaïde ?

M.Benaut said...

Le ciel n'était pas bleu mercredi 23ème. Nous avons eu quelques forte pluie et vents forts. Ce week-end sera de 22 degrés et très ensoleillé.
Vous pouvez voir les conditions gentilles aujourd'hui. Le week-end prochain nous aurons notre feu (bonfire en anglais) annuel. Par conséquent nous recevrons probablement beaucoup de pluie.

lynn said...

Looks like a peaceful place now...

Have updated the Madeleine thing but i'm afraid i just don't understand those parents at all M et Mme. It's not sitting well with me.

Michael said...

Monica, Monica, Monica...trains are perfectly alright to post on a daily basis here. It only underlines the need to have an express route put in between Adelaide and Rio. I think by the time William is old enough, there will be a super-grand-vitesse (SGV) direct to the Copacabana beach... The question is..."Will you be waiting at the station for him?"

M.Benaut said...

Lynn ,
I gather that your instincts are leading you in a direction the the P. police are not openly suggesting nor following. I once had a similar experience with a major disappearance, here, and it haunts me to this day.
Je vous comprends, complètement.

M. Freelancer, today, has a great example of a CITADIS 402 with it's Alimentation Par Sol in the streets of Bordeaux. It's a beautiful photo.

William and I will commence lobbying the Federal Govt. here, in order to install the SGV, aussi vite que possible.