Monday, 28 May 2007

Amanita muscaria dans notre jardin.

Amanita muscaria, (or fly agaric) is a psychoactive toadstool, - a large imposing white-gilled, white-spotted red mushroom, one of the most recognizable and widely encountered. It is famed for its hallucinogenic properties with its main psychoactive constituent causing delirium when consumed.
This one, in our garden causes delirium in the photographer, but not elsewhere. Soon there will be many others along with hundreds of edible mushrooms too.


Z said...

I haven't come across this specimen yet. Looks like a drawing in a storybook. Magic mushroom, eh? :-)

FYI: On my morning walk today I saw what I think is the same 2CV parked next to the street and I took a quick photo of it. It was raining so I was juggling an umbrella and a bag and the camera. As a result, it isn't a lovely shot, but it might interest you anyway. It's on my overflow site, the 2nd photo.

M.Benaut said...

Merci Z.

Ce Citroën est un des meilleure que j'ai jamais vu.
La voiture a évidemment été a aimé pendant un temps très long par sa propriétaire.

Yes, the mushroom does look like it's from a storybook, and yes, it is a magic mushroom!
If you go to this link, you can see why. You can choose your preferred language. If you read the descriptions in several languages, there is much more info. available. Thanks again.

Bergson said...

No mushroom omelette today

lv2scpbk said...

Nice photo with the illumination.

Nathalie said...

Oho, quelle méchante sorcière va nous empoisonner ?

Funny that you mention edible mushrooms, I've never met anyone who eats wild mushrooms in Australia, when in France it is very common. Are you exceptional or is it that I haven't met the right people ? Or perhaps SA has more mushrooms than NSW ???

Beetle said...

It's look pretty and YES it promised something too.We have it quite alot here but people don't consume it just we have fairy tale for kids about it :-)

M.Benaut said...

Comme d'habitude, je ne les toucherai pas même.
If you go back Saturday 19 May, you will see the mushrooms that we DO eat. They are delicious!

It is said that fairies live under them. The young children will verify this.

isabella said...

I grew up in Northen Europe, being told that those are highly poisonous and to stay away..
You mean I miss my opportunity to "experiment" because I listened to my elders?
Rats ;-)

M.Benaut said...

The ancient Scandinadians 'used' them. Probably why they are so blonde?

Dsole said...

what a nice shot, M Benaut! It's a funny mushroom indeed! I'm happy to see it around here..

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lynn said...

I see. Is this what's known as a magic mushroom?

Not interested in that sort of recreation lol but what a great photo!

Anonymous said...

Cool, they really do exist (red fairy tale mushrooms) I thought they were just a colouring book myth.

Terroni said...

So...are you saying you haven't tried it?
Ever been tempted?

Mme Benaut said...

No way Terroni! I think there must be a very fine line between hallucinatory effects and death. And, besides, how could one tell what the hallucinations would be like anyway?
How's the studying going little one? Are you still at the beach? I haven't been upstairs to the computer much lately as I've been busy with my father's estate and cleaning out his house, etc.

Bleeding Orange said...

Like Isabella, I've always been told these mushrooms were poisonous! Well I wouldn't experiment them even if they are not, I would be too scared! Have a nice week.

Monica said...

I'm not good with night shots so, wow!
This is great!

And I make Lynn's words my own. I was going to ask what she did (about magical mushrooms) but she beat me to it.
Well, we WERE separated at birth!

Ming_the_Merciless said...

Wow! That is a wonderful photo. The red color really stand out in the photo.

Ackworth Born said...

I've just done a post on my blog about the fly agaric fungus and have linked to half a dozen other fungi posts including yours here.