Friday, 1 June 2007

Victoria Square, Adelaide, in the late afternoon.

Victoria Square is at the centre of Adelaide's square mile and was named on May 23, 1837 after Princess Victoria, heir presumptive of the British throne. Less than a month later the King died and Victoria became Queen.
A statue of Queen Victoria stands in the centre of the square. The fountain in the north part, (yesterday's post), was designed to represent our three rivers, the Torrens, the Onkaparinga and Murray.
Victoria Square is bordered by the Supreme Court of South Australia, the Adelaide Magistrate's Court, the Federal Court of Australia, the Treasury and the Adelaide General Post Office.
On the eastern side is the Reserve Bank of Australia and State Administration Service, (shown here), the Cathedral Church of St Francis Xavier and the Torrens Building, used by the Heinz School Australia, an international campus of Carnegie-Mellon University.
The Adelaide Central Market is located to the west and King William Street passes around the square. The terminus for the Glenelg Tram is in the southern part of the square.

Adelaide on the first day of winter, Marilyn Monroe's birthday, (et moi aussi), - no Worries !


Olivier said...

trois architectures bien differentes, belle photo

three quite different architectures, beautiful photograph

Bergson said...

I think that it would have was necessary to make a panoramic
photograph around the place to translate your rich person explanation

alice said...

Alors, Bon Anniversaire! And you know, all is just a question of point of view: here, summer is coming!

Terroni said...

Happy Birthday to you!
I hope it's a great one :>

Sally said...

Buon compleanno, signore!

Anonymous said...

Hapopy Birthday to you.
Wishing you a great day and hopefully no rain for tomorrow night.

M.Benaut said...

Merci, vous devez venir ici pour les vacances, Monsieur.
Après avoir bu de toutes ces bières, ma compétence avec l'appareil-photo est réduite un peu.
Merci, ma bonne amie,
Je dois maintenant être plus jeune chaque jour?
Soixante trois, je pense que je suis juste un bébé.
I am having a great North American birthday, i.e. speaking English and having a few beers !!
Quando siamo al Piazza il San Pietro con M. Paul Hogan, avremo molti buoni risate e scherzi.
Ripper, Kate,
You rock, my dear friend. Unfortunately the Fri***** Rain has washed out the annuel feu de jardin, all the bonfire pile is fri***** saturated and the whole place is awash. God is smiling on the northern hemisphere, seulement !!!
I hope your weekend is calm, pleasant and alcoholic. xx, not necessarily in that order.