Monday, 7 May 2007

Adelaide Skyline from Brown Hill, Mitcham

Autumn may well be here, but there are always "Blue Skies" just around the corner in Adelaide.
Adelaide has a Mediterranean Climate with never extremes of climate. Adelaide's latitude is less than 35 degrees south of the Equator which makes us closer to the Equator that Cyprus, Malta and ALL of Europe. It can resemble Paradise sometimes; and last Friday, Brian and Julie, close to our place, received 6 inches of rain in a day. Can't ever remember that happening.

May in Adelaide: No worries, except for a few odd hand movements.


Anonymous said...

Well, M.Benaut, this is simply a "breathtaking" photograph. Not only did you get the picture in a wonderful view of a scene none of us will ever get to see, but those clouds above also provided the perfect contrast in the foreground trees -- from sunlit to deep shade. You couldn't do any better than this if you could set it up in a studio under lights. Either all this or you were using Photoshop. I think you should get this on a postcard of your city.

I get just as excited when I see a bird or other animal in Brookville, Ohio where I live. After 44 years of dedication to providing space for wildlife to come and go in relative security, I see some things most never see -- almost like your photograph. There are some birds, for example, I have not seen here. Last month I was fortunate and found a pair of Brown Thrashers here and took many photos. Yesterday I saw the first grosbeak. A beautiful make, Rose-Breasted Grosbeak.

I wonder what life will be like tomorrow for you and your city and for me and my backyard?

Abraham Lincoln
Brookville Daily Photo

M.Benaut said...

Monsieur le Président,

Your splendid compliment is both unexpected and most humbling, coming from such an accomplished and outstanding photographer as yourself.

I stand in awe at the quality of your work, and your dedication to the excellence that personifies you and your creations.

I thank you for your most kind comment and promise to strive for the high standards that you maintain and demonstrate unequivocally.

This photo has, by the use of Apple iPhoto, had the saturation increasd a tiny bit, to deepen the colour and slightly clarify the atmosphere. I do not have access yet to photoshop.

Thank you sincerely, once again, Monsieur.

Dsole said...

M.Benaut, what a gorgeous landscape! I really enjoy this kind of sight where you can see almost your entire city!
And it seems there are a lot of green areas around the city. It gives a clean atmosphere :)

Monica said...

no worries! Well, if it resembles paradise, now I understand why you blokes (to use one of your words) usually say it, no worries!