Friday, 25 May 2007

.... another suburb of McMansions being carved out of the bush

On Tuesday, Sally, of Sydney Daily Photo, showed us the latest, Sydney "McMansions", and on the previous Tuesday, a "Wedding Cake House".
Here in Adelaide we can combine all that into one. Today, the Adelaide sun was shining brightly and this McMansion cake house overlooking a spectacular view, was just begging to be photographed.
On Google Earth go to, 34 55 40S and 138 41 02 E


Abraham Lincoln said...

Nice photograph. I think this house would have a nice view.

Today is the third episode in One Day in the Life of a Robin. It is about the toilet issues -- the poop sack. Tomorrow will be the end of the series with an unforgettable set of pictures. Hope you can see them.

Abraham Lincoln
Brookville Daily Photo

alice said...

And I'm sure they don't even like Pierre de Ronsard 's roses...:-(

Kate Isis said...

We have possibly one of the most unique buildings in the world in the form of the opera house and yet we continue to think of mcmansion as being a red brick rectangle.
It's a nice huse but if you were going to build then there are so many talented architechts using all sorts of innovative materials and shapes these days.
I think i'll photograph a few of my favourites and post them.

Mme Benaut said...

Alice - I have two Pierre de Ronsard roses. They are spectacular and my absolute favourites.

Kate: sometimes the Architect has to build what the client wants; ie Tara Hall from Gone with the Wind. Look closer at the detail of the balcony detail and you will see something a bit more innovative than the classic Georgian design that the client may have asked for.

freelancer said...
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freelancer said...

Nice Pic !

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