Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Pour célébrer le quatre-vingt-unième anniversaire de Marilyn Monroe

Tout au long de l'année précédente nous avions rassemblé des branchements d'arbre. Samedi nuit nous les brûlerons à notre feu annuel. Peut-être il y aura quelques photos pour vous faire le réchauffeur de sensation en quelques jours.

All year we have been collecting tree branches. On Saturday night we will hold our annual Bonfire in the garden. Hopefully I will have photos to warm you all up.


freelancer said...

Pour Marilyn, je suis le doigt :)

Monica said...

M.Benaut, I didn´t get what the parking sign has to do with Marilyn and the rest.
But I did get there´s going to be a party. I sure hope you´ll have a whole lot of fun!!!

Kate Isis said...

Once upon a time when we were kids we used to look forward to bonfire night every year and collect wood from everywhere to have it. Sadly with the banning of firecrackers that tradition has stopped. I'm glad to see some people still do it sans crackers. Enjoy xox

freelancer said...

Today, my post on bordeauxdailyphoto is for you :)

M.Benaut said...

M. Freelancer,
Je suis sûr qu'elle serait très heureuse.
At the Bonfire on Saturday night, there will probably be 40 or 50 people. who will drive up to the house and park 'dans le champs arrière'. The sign is to prevent visitors from parking in the driveway. I hope to show you the Grand Bonfire le dimanche.
Only, the crackers now refer to us !!! Guy Fawkes Day was always tremendous fun. The neighbours usually had to purchase new letter-boxes the next day. Wonderful memories.
M. Freelancer,
Merci Monsieur.
I would encourage you all to visit Bordeaux Daily Photo, today.