Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Simplicité et élégance ?

Certaines personnes construisent des monuments à l'excellence tandis que d'autres construisent des monuments à la médiocrité.
Ce mélange de bâtiments peut être vu sur un des principaux boulevards d'Adelaïde, North Terrace.
Lesquels de ces derniers, préférez-vous ?
Simplicity and elegance.
Some people build monuments to excellence while others build monuments to mediocrity.
This mélange of buildings can be seen on one of Adelaide's principal boulevards, North Terrace.
Which do you like better?


dive said...

I'd be more than happy looking at the old building on the left or the new one in the middle, Monsieur (I am guilty of several like that myself; two of my arts centres look quite similar to it), but the one on the right looks like it was designed by the builders rather than an architect and made to look as cheap and prefabricated as possible.
Hey ho. Developers do give architects such a bad name.

Maria said...

I've never been a fan of the newer looking buildings. I like the old cathedrals with their fierce lion heads and the old houses with their chisled doorframes. I am a lover of all that is old. Which is probably why I bought an old fixer upper home with little things like glass doorknobs and a hand hewn fireplace.

Marie said...

As you know already, I hate new buildings..... Even those by Jean Nouvel. Quoique, en y réfléchissant à deux fois ?

CaBaCuRl said...

I like the old railway station building in the post below, or maybe the red Aust.Post letterbox.That was what you were asking, wasn't it??

claude said...

I agreee with Marie, I hate the new buildings and this one is particularly "uggly". Sorry.
M.Benaut, Le Las Salé est the Salt Lake in Utah, not in France.

Ann said...

Not my cup of tea. I prefer Adelaide's old stone buildings. dont' like any of those three buildings very much and particularly dislike the one in the middle.

lyliane six said...

Dans une ville moderne ce n'est pas laid,je préfère celui avec des balcons, c'est plus agréable pour pouvoir regarder la circulation et respirer les gaz d'échappements des voitures garées en dessous!!!

Cheltenhamdailyphoto said...

Not keen on the new, Monsieur, but if we're going down that route, i prefer the one in the middle. Might as well go the whole way and it makes an impression at least.

Cheltenhamdailyphoto said...

By the way, Mme and i want you over at Things UK. lol.

drpack said...

The terrace used to have so much more character.
Think "hodge-podge" best describes it today.
Guess it sort of goes with the new court (Justice or police? Can't remember which it is!) building.