Monday, 21 July 2008

Sûreté sur nos routes

Aujourd'hui, était un jour extrêmement intéressant au bureau. Si j'avais su combien d'amusement pourrait avoir été prévu, je m'aurais mis sur mes robes de fantaisie!
Plusieurs voisins en furent marre de chauffeurs conduisant à toute allure le long de la rue ici, et par conséquent, ils ont téléphonés aux autorités.
La limite de vitesse ici, soit 50 km/h, mais les dames ont le air d'avoir des "pieds du plomb".
Cependent, j'ai eu moins de chance que Vaugirard,(il vient du 15e!) et Héloise. Mon meilleur essai, devait attraper un petit garçon. Il se dépêchait le long à 19 km/h !

Today, was extremely interesting at work. If I had known how much amusement could have been expected, I would have put on fancy dress !
The neighbours were sick of speeding motorists in our street and had called the cops. With a speed limit of 50 kph a few lead-footed ladies won the prize at 68 and 72 kph. However I was less lucky, the best I could do was to clock a little boy at 19 kph !


Terroni said...

That looks like fun, Monsieur! I've never been on that side of the radar before.

M.Benaut said...

Maybe on the other side ?
Here it would be 300 bucks a time !!!

MmeBenaut said...

"Stick 'em up". That's a cool weapon you have there mon cheri. I really love that sweater; someone must have good taste :)

angela said...

It's expensive to speed in Adelaide! Do you lose points on your licence too?

When are you coming to Nice?
Thanks for the camera let me down at a friend's party on Saturday and I'm so disappointed with the photos. It was the first time I'd used the flash..

M.Benaut said...

The suburban speed limit is 60, and in most suburbs 50 and even 40 where posted.
I was foto'd at 67 in a 60 zone recently. It cost $200 plus 3 de-merit points.
When you accrue 12 points, it's on your bike !
I'll send you an email about the camera asap.

Coltrane_lives said...

It looks like this is a worldwide problem in residential, eh? We have a lot of little kids in our neighborhood (under 5 years) and I get so tired of speeding motorists (a lot of them teenagers) that I could see myself hooking up with law enforcement to send the message...PLEASE SLOW DOWN! You do look like you know what you are doing. Nice!

dive said...

Woohoo! I have GOT to get me one of those!
Do they make one with a built-in rocket launcher to take out the speeders?
Or have I been playing too much GTA4 again?

Jules said...

Hi M B - just a quickie before i go to work!! Missed ya heaps!!
Am feeling a bit more rested and will be burning up the blogging miles tomorrow which is a holiday here.

Love that phallic thing in your hand!! God whatever you do don't let Dive get hold of one - can you imagine the carnage.....and the fun!!! he, he, he.

See ya later tonight Dive - have to do some work and lose some weight after all the fun in OZ!!!!

Maria said...

The cops on the prairie don't do that out in the open; they hide behind bill boards....

Trueblue Bob said...

Move over Inspector Rex, it's now Inspector Beno.
Love it... Only MB could talk his way into getting his hand on a 'working' police speed gun... probably made them an offer that they couldn't understand... LOL

claude said...

I agree with Mme.Benaut, your sweater is very elegant, M.benaut !
Did you arrest someone ?

M.Benaut said...

Maria, Yep, they do that here too, but the blondes like to be seen and admired !!!

Das ist sehr humorvoll, Herr Schaussengraben !!!

Claude, J'étais très intéressé, pour arrêter la femme-agent avec les cheveux blonde !!

Stephen, I can only agree with you there.

Dive, We like you just the way you are !!

CaBaCuRl said...

Alas, something is lacking in the photo of you M. B....ah, it is the uniform I think!