Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Mikaël a l'oeil pour Giullietta ?

À l'occasion de mon anniversaire récemment, chacun a ri et a chanté toute la nuit.
Illario, le maître de maison, dansait avec Madame et nous l'avons félicité : c'est un magnifique hôte.
Mais que pensait Mikaël ?

Mikael has eyes for Giulietta ?
On the occasion of my birthday the other day, everybody laughed and sang all night.
Illario from the Buona Sera Restaurant danced with Madame and we praised him for being a wonderful host.
But what was it, that Mikaël was thinking ?


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Well, all I can say is. Im hungry.

claude said...

Je ne sais pas ce que raconte Giuletta, mais Mickael semble effrayé, ou alors elle avait un somptueux décolté !

melanie said...

Bon anniversaire !

dive said...

Either she's just goosed him or he's sat on his mobile phone while it's set to "vibrate" and he's just getting a call.
Great photos, Monsieur. Mme looks radiant as always.

angela said...

He looks definitely scary! I'd run if I were Giulietta..
Happy anniversary.

Z said...

Well, a belated happy birthday to you! So this is very fitting: a new photo of 2CVs for you (remove the pagebreak before the 2008):

lyliane said...

Heureux anniversaire, avec un peu de retard, mais un dicton français dit: "vaut mieux tard que jamais".
Si vous venez en Normandie bientôt on fera sauter quelques bouchons de bouteilles de cidre ( et de champagne aussi).

Jules said...

Happy B'day M B!! I think he dropped something hot or cold on his lap!!!!

I was out for dinner last week and something licked my knee. My face went like that for a second before I scanned the room looking for the dude with the bloody long tongue. It was the dog that had snuck under the table - God what a relief!!!