Sunday, 21 October 2007

Tous les petits enfants, aiment jouer dans des fontaines à Adelaïde

Quand la température devient plus chaude, qui s'inquiète où les enfants aiment nager. Ils veulent faire des choses dès qu'ils penseront à l'idée !

All little children love to play in Adelaide fountains.
When the temperature becomes hotter, who cares where children like to swim. They want to do things as soon as they think about it


Steve Buser said...

Love the shot.

I put a link to it today on New Orleans Daily Photo

--steve buser
New Orleans Daily Photo

Marie said...

Oh, young people do that in our fountains too but now here it's almost winter, so they'd better "abstain" (it's still warm in Montpellier).

Xana said...


CaBaCuRl said...

What joy to do things when simply 'in the minute'! Lovely photo.

Jules said...

Phone problems - AGAIN - so I can't see the photo - am trying to imagine it!!! Will try again another year when the phone lines get better!!!!

Mental Floss said...

Oh my, i don't know if i'd ever have the guts to enter that fountain!