Tuesday, 16 October 2007

La nouvelle ligne de tram d'Adelaide.

Hier, la nouvelle ligne de tram d'Adelaide a été officiellement ouverte au public.
Au temps de déjeuner j'avais le plaisir d'attendre 45 minutes pour prendre le tram parce que le système électrique a échoué.
Quand le tram est finalement arrivé au terminus, les ouvriers ont dû dépêcher le tram en utilisant des signaux de la main.
Enfin, le nouveau tram de Bombardier-Flexity s'est bombardé de nouveau à Glenelg ! !

Adelaide's new tram line.
Yesterday the new Adelaide tram line was officially opened to the public.
At lunch time I had the pleasure of waiting 45 minutes to take the tram because the electrical system failed.
When the tram finally arrived at the terminus, the workers had to dispatch the tram using hand signals.
Finally, the new Bombardier Flexity tram Bombed its way back to Glenelg.


dive said...

Cool, MB.
That's almost as reliable as our Pommie transport network.

M.Benaut said...

M. Dive,
Vous êtes aussi vite qu'une balle allante à toute allure.
Or faster than a speeding bullet, Monsieur.
Things in Adelaide travel at a more sombre pace !!

claude said...

In France, big cities are making or have already their new tramways

Marie said...

Je le trouve beaucoup plus beau que celui de la ligne 2 de Montpellier ! :-)

Beautifully Profound said...

Fantastic to see photos of Adelaide,as I am moving to Kanmantoo at the beginning of next year!

Olive said...

No matter what part of the world we live in we can always rely on public transport... to fail...
Although, I have to admit trams are still one of the most reliable modes of transport in any city i have been to. It doesn't say much about other forms of transportation I guess...

Anonymous said...

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