Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Un des meilleurs groupes des restaurants d'Adelaïde.

Adelaide, une fois appelée la ville d'églises, est maintenant connue comme la ville de restaurants.
C'est la Parade, à Norwood où il y a au moins 30 restaurants dans une bande de moins d'un kilomètre.
À 8 heures sur n'importe quelle nuit il y a les gens s'assoyant à une nuit de bons aliments de n'importe quelle partie du monde, à un prix le plus raisonnable.

One of Adelaide's best restaurant strips.
Adelaide, once called the city of churches, is now known as the city of restaurants.
This is The Parade, at Norwood where there are at least 30 restaurants in a half mile strip.
At 8 o'clock on any night there are people sitting down to a night of good food from any part of the world, at a most reasonable price.


dive said...

What a splendid transformation, MB.
So much better for your soul than communion wafers and cheap sugary "wine".

M.Benaut said...

Coming from the Mediterranean, you may have been an altar boy, Dive ?
Well, I was; in the good old C. of E.
That was when we were known as the city of churches.
Perhaps it was my fault?

dive said...

I too was brought up good old wishy-washy CofE, MB.
I think there's the problem. Most people who profess to be CofE just don't bother with church any more.
Restaurants are so much more fun.

Monica said...

Hi M.Benaut! How are you and mme?

I have a correction to make: you can always connect with Rio as long as you connect with me! :-)

M.Benaut said...

Hi, Monica,
I was beginning to get worried about you, but I saw you were in Cheltenham the other day.
I still can't connect with Rio and I hope that things are working out. I will keep trying.
You can call me on


and I will tell you about our trip to Paris, next August.
I also spoke to Eric the other day on Skype, and he told me about meeting you guys in Paris. What fun that was for all of you !!
Drop me a line soon, xxx

Marie said...

When you come to Montpellier with Mme Benaut, I will show you my church and my priests. You will understand why I go to church :-)) I think they are at least as much fun as bad restaurants. And sometimes we eat together after mass and I can assure you the wine is very good (Muscat :-))

Marie said...

What happened to the many churches in Adelaide?

Ame said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh...love a good night buzzy fuzzy blurry shot! Very cool Clobber! ;)

Your little 1.5 trickster!!! (Vroom-Vroom!)


Anonymous said...

Cher Marie, our churches are in tact, never fear. There are many photos of them in older posts.

Maria said...

Well, I'd rather sit in a restaurant than a church on any given day. But, somedays...yeah...I'd miss the churches.

Terroni said...

Ahh...makes me hungry :>

claude said...

Adelaïde, the Resto City. Manger au restaurant, c'est passer un bon moment !

M.Benaut said...

Chère Marie,
Beaucoup d'églises se sont fermées, tristement au cours des années. Cependant, Adelaïde est toujours une ville des églises, mais beaucoup du moderne, plutôt que le vieux, traditionnel, est maintenant populaire.