Monday, 22 October 2007

Soirée sous la ligne de vêtements

Le Palan-Hills est une corde à linge rotative australienne, dont la caractéristique de distinction est une couronne et plaque le mécanisme sinueux inventé par Adelaide basée Lance Hill en 1945. Cela permet à cette corde à linge d'être baissé et levé.
Ce style de corde à linge a été popularisé en Australie par Lance Hill et est une vue commune dans des arrière-cours d'Australie et de la Nouvelle Zélande.
On considère c'est une des icônes les plus reconnaissables de l'Australie.

Quand il y a 100 personnes à une soirée, on peut ouvrir une bouteille de bière du côté de lui. Cela prévient la possibilité de devenir perdu parmi la foule.

Parties under the Hills-Hoist, mate !
The Hills Hoist is an Australian rotary clothes line, the distinguishing feature of which is a crown and pinion winding mechanism invented by Adelaide based Lance Hill in 1945. This allows this clothesline to be lowered and raised.
This style of clothes line was popularised in Australia by Lance Hill and is a common sight in Australian and New Zealand backyards.
It is considerd to be one of the most recognizable icons of Australia.
There are many great uses for the good old Hills-Hoist.


dive said...

Ah! The original and genuine!
We have those over here. A great Australian invention.

Anonymous said...

Ah! But could it be used as a rapidly rotating rotunda???

Maria said...

Looks like some happy times.

Marie said...

Ah ah, trop rigolo. Et quand un invité est trop saoul, on peut le faire tenir debout en l'attachant avec des pinces à linge. hi hi :-))

Jules said...

Oh - I so want my hills hoist!! We grew up with one and I had one in my own house but over here in the tropics everything has to be hung in the shade.

Apart from us kids swinging on it and getting into big trouble at our place Dad would hang the headless chickens after the massacre in the henhouse every year when he culled the old birds - (my Mum used to ask him if that was her fate when she became an old bird)They would still flap around so the clothes line would rotate with these headless birds - very "Stephen King".

My mother and I would be in the kitchen crying at this point!!!!

Cheltenhamdailyphoto said...

Looks as good a place as any! Why not? lol hope you had a really good time.

Anonymous said...

Happy 50th Birthday to our friend, Jo in whose backyard this particular hills hoist resides and at whose party we were guests on Saturday night. a lovely party too BTW, Jo.

Jules: your childhood story is definitely macabre! We also had a hills hoist in our backyard when I was a child but not one single headless chicken was ever hung upon it. Two swinging children who chanced the cane (the other end of the feather duster) if they got caught though and endless of my brother's nappies, in the days before they were disposable.

Anonymous said...

PS Rob - alors! you alone get the alliteration award for this afternoon!

alice said...

Kangaroo and koala as icons, I agree, but Hills-Hoist is just too difficult to say for a French speaking!

CaBaCuRl said...

Maybe swinging on the Hills Hoist, and then copping a hiding has marked us all for life do you think??