Friday, 12 October 2007

La cathédrale de Saint Francis Xavier à Adelaïde

La Cathédrale catholique de saint Francis Xavier, Adelaide, est un premier style anglais bâtiment de Reprise Gothique avec une tour, 36 m de haut. La pierre de fondation a été posée en 1856, par le Vicaire-Général, le Père Michael Ryan, avec la première partie de la cathédrale étant dévouée le 11 juillet 1858.
La cloche utilisée dans la tour est la Cloche Murphy de 1867, entouré par douze autres cloches à partir de 1996.
À cause de pauvres pratiques d'urbanisme, beaucoup de jolis vieux bâtiments d'Adelaide sont entourés par les boîtes horribles modernes.
N'avons-nous pas un sens de l'histoire et de l'héritage ?

St. Francis Xavier's Roman Catholic Cathedral, Adelaide, is an Early English style Gothic Revival building with a tower, 36 m high. The foundation stone was laid in 1856, by the Vicar General, Father Michael Ryan, with the first part of the cathedral being dedicated on July 11, 1858.
The bell used in the tower is the Murphy Bell of 1867, surrounded by twelve other bells from 1996.
Because of poor town planning practices, many of Adelaide's lovely old buildings are being enclosed by modern trashy boxes.
Have we no sense of history and heritage ?


Jules said...

G'day mate - benson's mother here - meow!!! In Bris then back in PNG Sunday. So great to read all your funny messages while I was away - what loyal blogging friends I have!!!
Must away Cheers Jules xx

M.Benaut said...

Ripper, Jules, make the most of it while it lasts.
While the mother's away, the cats will play !!

dive said...

What beautiful, simple elegant lines the splendid new building has, MB.
It's kinda ruined by the trashy old stone pile in front of it though.
Let's hope they knock that down for a car park.
Or another restaurant.

M.Benaut said...

OK M. Dive,
I will get you a close up of the new box.
This is Victoria Square, of which you have seen a fair bit, cobber.

claude said...

Very beautiful church m.Benaut ! Your are right ! The cube building spoils the view.

Maria said...

I want to see the inside of it....

Marie said...

What a beautiful church! We had the same idea today. But "mine" is not so beautiful!

I am sorry for being a bad correspondent for the moment!

Anonymous said...

It is a very nice building and church and the photograph of it is very nice to see also.

City planners have the idea that old should look new but I think they make mistakes when covering the old with new.

Neva said...

I love this church....not like Marie's modern one!!!

My 100th post is Saturday...come for a visit!

drpack said...

Nice photo. I used to like to walk amongst the old buildings. There are some very interesting features in those back alleys!

Thanks for asking for me. Maybe I'll just have to run down to LV and see if I can find the person!
Then again, that's not Adelaide, where you can count on running into someone you know everytime you go into the city.

Scout said...

It's absolutely beautiful. There is very little real history in my town--the fascinating old buildings are allowed to turn to ruin until someone knocks them down.