Tuesday, 23 October 2007

La sécheresse australienne

The Optimum Population Trust, une charité de Royaume-Uni inscrite, un petit laboratoire d'idées et un groupe de campagne concerné avec l'impact de croissance démographique sur l'environnement naturel, dit que l'Australie est surpeuplée et croit que pour maintenir le niveau de vie actuel en Australie, la population optimale est des 10 millions (plutôt que les présents 20.86 millions), ou les 21 millions avec un niveau de vie réduit.
The Aussie Drought
The Optimum Population Trust, a registered United Kingdom charity, small think tank and campaign group concerned with the impact of population growth on the natural environment, says that Australia is overpopulated, and believes that to maintain the current standard of living in Australia, the optimum population is 10 million (rather than the present 20.86 million), or 21 million with a reduced standard of living.


dive said...

Never trust a Pom, MB.
We're just jealous, so we say those things to upset you.

Marie said...

How are you going to get rid of the extra part of the population? (black humor :-)))

Je pense que la population mondiale augmente trop.. La terre va devenir trop petite. Mais je ne pense pas que l'Australie soit surpeuplée :-))

Cheltenhamdailyphoto said...

That's a very pretty shot.

Jules said...

They could catch them all in little rabbit traps and send them up here - we have planti water!!!!

Anonymous said...

I used your lovely picture to decorate my desktop! :)

I have a hard time imagining Australia as being "overpopulated". I don't know what there juding criteria is. I think the more important aspect of impacting the enviroment is judicious use of resources. We have people here in the U.S. that use and abuse the evironemental resources enough to accomadate five or six people comfortably.

That is worse, then five people trying to live conciously and with respect to environmental resources in my opinion. And for what my opinion is worth, I do have a Social science degree in "Social & Environmental issues" which mena I've actually done some research in the field.


Beautifully Profound said...

Not what I want to hear since I am in the midst of immigrating over to South Australia. I promise I won't drink any water.

Jilly said...

What a fabulous photograph. Love it. But then I love arid environments, always did. Must have been a camel in a previous life!

CaBaCuRl said...

Hmmm...well, M.Benaut, I think I agree in a way.I know we have the space to accommodate 20 million + people, however at the moment we certainly don't have the ability to manage our natural resources sustainably. The space is all in the vast 'almost-empty' centre of our continent, and most of our population wants to live on the coastal fringe(admittedly, as i do).PS I use 'almost-empty' guardedly, as it is not'empty'in many ways.
OK...will lighten up and chill out now after that rave!

Michael Salone said...

A beautiful photo for a sad situation, but this is what a DailyPhoto blog is for. Thanks!