Thursday, 11 October 2007

Une station très stupide de radio, à Adelaïde

En Australie nous avons des centaines de stations de radio. Il y a deux catégories, l'Australian Broadcasting Corporation (La Commission d'Annonce Australienne), et les canaux par radio commerciaux.
Presque chaque jour, les stations commerciales ont des concours où on peut jouer l'imbécile et gagner quelques petits "shillings". Aujourd'hui, une station à Adelaïde a eu une telle concurrence.
Peut-être le gestionnaire de station voudrait vivre avec un sac sur la tête de son épouse ou petite amie. Je pense pas !!

In Australia we have hundreds of radio stations. There are two categories, Australian Broadcasting Corporation and commercial channels.
Almost every day, the commercial stations have competitions where one can play the fool and win some small 'shillings'. Today, a station in Adelaïde had such competition.
Perhaps the station manager would like to live with a bag on the head of his spouse or girlfriend.
I don't think so !!


Anonymous said...

We have dumb contests like this on American radio too, which is part of the reason why I don't listen to it much any more. I heard about one where Mothers and Daughters felt each others body parts to win tickets to see the comedian "Larry the Cable Guy". Even if we liked this Larry, my daughter and I would never stoop to doing something this stupid.

Michael Salone said...

I'd love to know what the back of the sign says...I'll be nice though and not give you my thoughts.