Saturday, 13 October 2007

Quel est tout ce truc blanc ?

Quelquefois, il est trop horrible pour vivre dans Adelaide. Un jour c'est chaud. Le jour suivant il fait froid et mouillé.
Le meilleur antidote, doit aller Falls Creek, où c'est 4 degrés, c'est ensoleillé et il y a des choses bizarres à faire.
On peut aussi manger et boire et s'asseoir dans un bain de ville d'eau chaud quand il fait moins 4 degrés.
(Il n'y a aucune cathédrale dans Falls Creek. Quel dommage!!)
À Falls Creek, il y a beaucoup de truc blanc sur la terre. Quand j'y tombe lourdement, chacun rit de moi. Cela se produit tout le temps.

Sometimes, it's too horrible to live in Adelaide. One day it's hot. The next day it's cold and wet.
The best antidote, is to go Fall's Creek where it is 4 degrees, it is sunny and there are funny things to do.
One can also eat and drink and sit in a hot spa bath when it gets down to minus 4 degrees.


dive said...

That's very pretty, MB.
The thought of sitting in that hot spa is tempting, yet the prospect of getting out of it in minus four degree temperatures makes certain parts of me blanche in horror.

M.Benaut said...

M. Dive,
Blanching en horreur can be pefected. This is where it is done, monsieur !

claude said...

White or blue ! Very curious. The shadow makes the snow so blue.

Maria said...

Beautiful blue shades spilling all over this photo. and I like the green shades that sneak around too.

Marie said...

Do you mean it snows in the spring in Australia?

Terroni said...

Blue mountains...your land is devine, MB.

CaBaCuRl said...

M Benaut, the snow is too cold and wet for me! But the spa, with a glass of bubbles in my hand, admiring the beautiful snowy vistas...well that's another thing entirely.
I REALLY wonder why foreign sheilas go for Aussie blokes???

Neva said...

With the shadows and the color of the pool...this is a stunning picture!!! I would LOVE to do the hot "tub" here!! Thanks for visiting and the nice's why I love blogging!!!