Thursday, 18 October 2007

Est cela un homme, est cela un oiseau ?

Est cela un homme, est cela un oiseau? Non, c'est l'homme de tram formidable !
Si vous me demandez, le temps est très agréable aujourd'hui dans Adelaïde . J'espère que vous êtes tous vraiment heureux et détendu dans Blogland.
Bloggers sont les gens occupés et ils ont un engagement supplémentaire. Aujourd'hui, sur le tram, j'ai pensé à vous tous.
Je souhaite vous tout la santé d'esprit et la bonne humeur que nous devons offrir l'un à l'autre.

Is it a man, is it a bird? Nup, It's super tram man.
If you ask me, the weather is very nice today in Adelaide. I hope you are all truly happy and relaxed in Blogland.
Bloggers are busy people and they have an extra commitment. Today, on the tram, I thought about you all.
I wish you all the sanity and good humour that we have to offer to each other.


Marie said...

Thank you for your good wishes, M. Benaut. I had an excellent day at my good friends Maggie and David in Sommières (I think Mme Benaut and you will love Sommières).

Bergson said...

the day Finished better than it did not start.
Problem of Web at the house; and today how to live without Internet.

The blogland makes a little sick.

lyliane six said...

Merci pour la pensée et les bons souhaits. Beau tram et beau soleil.

CaBaCuRl said...

And to you too, M Benaut, I wish you a trouble-free day and reliable tram service! Thank you for your kind thoughts.

Karlis Beinerts said...

:) thanks!


Jules said...

It has been a good day - I'm home from work (I work part-time), the sun is shining, the sea is glorious with a cool sea breeze blowing that wonderful salty smell this way, and i am talking to you - what more could I ask for.....hmmmm.... fast phone lines, cheap mushrooms (see tomorrow's post), roads without potholes, consistent power, ..... now I'm in a bad mood!!!!

alice said...

Nice weather in Brittany too, a bit chilly early in the morning but very sunny later, a wonderful fall! your tram is beautiful, I hope it will runs every day without too many problems (it is not the case in several French cities...) . Today, no trains and often no buses or trams in France: a strike all day long...
I wish you a good day au pays des têtes en bas!

Anonymous said...

Good wishes for you to, hope you got some much needed sleep.