Saturday, 6 October 2007

Paix, mais à l'énorme coût

Yesterday, the Australian Defence Minister, the Hon. Dr. Brendan Nelson, signed a contract with Raytheon to build 3 Air Warfare Destroyers for The Royal Australian Navy at Osborne in Adelaide.
The value of this contract was 1.2 billion US dollars and the total cost will be about 8 billion.
The deal is for Destroyers to provide air defence for accompanying ships, land forces and infrastructure in coastal areas and for self-protection against attacking missiles and aircraft.

This signing will enable the building phase to commence and the finalisation of production design, widespread engagement of Australian Industry in equipment source selection, the construction of three ships in Australia and ultimately deliver the most advanced destroyers to ever enter Royal Australian Navy service.

Je suis désolé que ceci ne soit pas traduit en Français, mais il est un peu difficile pour moi. Ce qui est plus, je préfère des choses qui sont moins techniques ! !


Marie said...

Is it really already Saturday in Adelaide. In Montpellier it is only Friday (about 1 PM)

I can't post a photo on my blog today. I wonder why........... Has that already happened to you?

Your ministre has a big forehead. He must have a big brain and be very intelligent. Well, I'm not so sure as Einstein is said to have had a very small brain.........


dive said...

Cool, Monsieur B.
The ultimate boys' toys. We'll expect some splendid photos when they launch.
With your new toys and our naval cutbacks Australia will easily be able to invade Britain.
About time, too. You can help us become a republic.

M.Benaut said...

Because of the time difference, I try to post close to midnight. I am an evening person.
Our ministre has a big forehead when he tries to impress des Americans with beaucoup d'argent. En autre temps il est un peu plus normal.

M. Dive,
You have very good ideas. You might consider a capitulation in due course; it would save a lot on petrol. We probably can't afford the cost after purchasing this lot !!

Bergson said...

one would say the brother to Tom Hawks but it spends more out of

Michael Salone said...

I don't know whether to be happy for the locals who will certainly benefit from the work - or sad for the fact that these are necessary at all.

M.Benaut said...

Je crois que vous êtes correct, Bergson. Tom Hanks semble un peu semblable.
Au premier janvier 2007, les films auxquels il participa ont généré plus de trois milliards de dollars au box-office américain, faisant de Tom Hanks l'acteur le plus prolifique de l'histoire du cinéma en matière de succès commerciaux.
Peut-être il achètera des AWDs aussi ?

I reckon that both concepts would have to be paramount in people's minds.
8 billion US, is a (pardon) shit-load of money in a country of 21 million people. It shows what defence budgets are all about. And, yes, it will be good for the South Australian economy.

( Have you heard that the new Adelaide trams could not cope with a radius on the one and only 90 degree corner. I believe that the bogies had to all be re-made. Unfortunately I can't get any deeper into it than this. )

Michael Salone said...

No, hadn't heard this and am sure we won't hear unless there's something in the press.

drpack said...


I hope the Submarine Corp isn't building!

Destroyers, indeed!