Saturday, 30 June 2007

Nous devons nous dépêcher, le Tour de France commencera dans une semaine

Ce matin, la Madame est partie pour aller à Sydney et à la belle Ville de Papeete en Polynésie Française.

Mais j'ai plus de la chance qu'elle. Je peux nourrir les chats soixante-douze fois par jour et geler dans la magnifique température d'Adelaïde. C'est si chaud aujourd'hui, il fait au moins neuf degrés, ici dans les collines. Brrrrrrrh.

Dans ma photo, vous pouvez voir certains jeunes garçons qui se calment après un trajet chaud sur leurs bicyclettes, au début de ce matin.

This morning, the boss left for Sydney and Tahiti, leaving me to feed the pussy cats and freeze to death in the nine degree heat of the hills.
My photo shows a couple of young chaps, cooling down after a hot bike ride, early this morning.

Adelaide in June; crikey, it's cold!


Mme Benaut said...

Ma pauvre mari! Ici a Sydney il est froid aussi. N'oublie pas nourriture les chats mon cheri. Je t'embrasse.

Abraham Lincoln said...

Amazing photo. I like it. I don't know what 9 degrees C equals but it must be cold. We are just beginning summer up here.

I also noticed today that Brussels, Belgium is having a naked bike race. I found that to be interesting.

Brookville Daily Photo

lv2scpbk said...

Looks like their thinking about that tire. Reminds of the saying; Two heads are better than one.

Today I posted something yummy.

Michael said...

"Ma pauvre mari!"...I echo that Mme Benaut. Stuck with cats when he could be in Tahiti! Quick Monsieur...catch a plane and surprise Mme. Cats travel well I hear (as long as they're in the hold - people won't hear them screeching!).

Ahhh...Tahiti...I hear they don't like the French folks too much. Is it true?

Terroni said...

I love the way athletic men's butts look in cycling shorts--yummy!

Monica said...

M.Beanut, spread the news: I'm officially selling my photos of Rio (following Eric's idea).
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Maybe you'll give it a try and do the same!