Saturday, 23 June 2007

Juin 22, le jour le plus court de l'année

Aujourd'hui, (vendredi soir), c'est le jour le plus froid et le plus court, ici à Adelaïde.
Il était seulement neuf heures, 48 minutes et 18 secondes de long.
Les ouvriers de route ne portent pas leurs shorts. Cela rendra Nathalie malheureux un peu !! Ce soir il fait seulement zero degré et les bunyips et les grenouilles sont exceptionnellement silencieux, ici dans la vallée d'Aldgate.
En cette photo, les fleurs dans King William Street ont disparu, remplacé avec 31 millions de dollars d'acier et de béton.

Today (Friday) is both the coldest and the shortest day, here in Adelaide; only nine hours, 48 minutes and 18 seconds long. The road workers are not wearing shorts. This will make Nathalie a little unhappy.
This evening it's down to freezing point and the bunyips and the frogs are unusually silent, here in the Aldgate valley.
In this photo, the flowers in King William Street have gone, replaced with 31 million dollars of steel and concrete.


Anonymous said...

Cold and ugly. Tell them to bring the flowers back if the workers won't wear the mandatory shorts.
Stay warm you two xoxox

Ann said...

I guess they decided to pave paradise. How sad. :-( I hope they will bring back some flowers.

M.Benaut said...

Kate and Ann,
I still have the "before" shot with the flowers, so you will get to see it, one day.
Kate, you stay warm too.
Ann, you stay cool, in Montego Bay too.

Adamantine said...

Merci de votre visite sur l'ajaccio Dp. Je serai heureuse de vous faire découvrir Ajaccio et ses environs, en attendant votre vsite!

Château-Gontierdailyphoto said...

Bonjour/ Hello

Very intersting to remenber that on the other side of our planet the season is different.
Good Week end

Terroni said...

So, you say it's down to you get any snow?

Mme Benaut said...

Occasionally we have snow but only on the highest hill and surrounding hills and not every year. I think that this year we may see some snow. Sadly it melts almost as soon as it reaches the ground or soon after. To ski in Australia one must visit the mountains in Victoria and NSW. I love ski-ing and hope to go again this year. M.B might post a photo of us in the snow at Falls Creek or Mt Buller in Victoria.
We have had ice here in the mornings - just frozen rainwater and the wind is cold too. But the Lillipilly tree is in full fruit and the possums are eating those and also the acorns. Everyone is very well fed in winter - especially the cats - they have four meals a day - to keep their winter coats glossy and add a layer of fat to keep them warm. For us, we have the fire burning all day and night and a cosy electric blanket!

Terroni said...

Ah...a fire and an electric blanket--that sounds wonderful!

Nathalie said...

Oh yes, it makes me very sad when street workers aren't wearing shorts !!! I hate the cold.

Gerald England said...

Seems to a pleasant winter there - it hasn't stopped raining here for 48 hours!