Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Quelques Koalas pour Monica à Rio.

"And besides this lovely view, you get to see a koala every now and then! I´d love to see another pic of one of them! "

Aujourd'hui plusieurs de nos Koalas sont venus chez nous et elles m'ont demandées d'envoyer cette photographie à Monica, qui habite à Rio de Janeiro.
Ils ont dit qu'ils aimeraient vous voir, ici à Adelaïde, Mademoiselle, et qu'ils aimeraient retourner à Rio dans votre valise également.


Olivier said...

ils sont mignons ces koalas, on dirait de vrais peluches.

they are nice these koalas, one would say truths cuddly toys.

M.Benaut said...

Ils sont vraiment des Koalas électriques, avec des batteries, crois-tu?

dive said...

Somebody's got to say it so it might as well be me.
Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh! They're so CUTE!
A lovely photo, MB.

M.Benaut said...

Dive, old cobber,
She will just say it LOUDER.
(You know who you are !!!!)

Alex said...

These Koalas are really adorable. I like their fluffy fur and their look too. Do they come close or manage to stay away from people?
Thanks for this lovely photo.

M.Benaut said...

Thank you for your visit and nice comment.
One way to answer your question, is to suggest that you click on the Label, "Felix und Freund", below the photo.This will take you bach to a little research piece that I displayed some time ago. The information came from Wikipedia etc.
They are not concerned by humans and can be quite tame. They do nothing except eat eucalyptus leaves all day. This provides them with most of the necessary hydration. If you stand below their tree, you may thing it's raining; but, it's not !!!

Nathalie à Sydney said...

Ah Clark Kent, you really made me laugh m.benaut!
Thanks for those lovely koalas. A dream come true.

I understand they can scream loudly during the mating season, do you get woken up at night by that?

And my little French lesson du jour . It's Monica à Rio, not en Rio.
Use en for all country or region names (en France, en Australie, en Normandie)
and à for all city names (à Paris, à Sydney, à Rio)

Cheers !

M.Benaut said...

Grazie molto, Nathalie !!!

Monica said...

Ahhhh there they are!!!!

Merci M.Benaut!!!! I´d would certainly love to bring one of them to Rio in my suitcase! Do you think he would like me?! I would spoil the little koala, that´s for sure!!!

M.Benaut said...

He will love both you and Rio.

Maintenant ! ! ! Vous devez aller à Sydney pour de l'information très importante.


Monica said...

I suppose you´re talking about Stinks, the adorable ferret shown in Sydney. Or are you talking about the guy that cannot be trusted?! Anyway, the ferret is cute and he could have been given a nicer name, don´t you agree?!


Tara said...

One of my favorite toys when I was a child was a stuffed koala, but it was not as adorable as these two! I will join in with dive,

Anonymous said...

Its so rare to see Koala's in tree's like that in the wild these days and to have them so close your very luckey.

Shall we shatter the worlds illusions and tell them that they can be nasty little suckers with major claws?

Kates about to divulge a secret.
When i was a little girl i went to Taronga zoo in sydney and they used to let you cuddle Koala's. So I did and it scratched me and I promptly dropped the little bastard.
Damn now every overseas's tourist will hate me. But proof positive of australia's other unknown spiecies, the drop bear.
They do exist!

alice said...

Felix and Freund?

M.Benaut said...

Diese Koalas sind die Freunde von Felix die Katze.

Michael said...

Kate, you cracked me up! I had the same idea when I saw them in the zoo in Melbourne. I thought, "they sure are cute, but I bet they can scratch your eyes out if you get too close to their cuddly selves!"

Still a great photo for us M. Benaut. And I'm sure Monica would get along fine with him/her. Imagine the attention she'd get along Copacabana beach with one of these on a leash.