Sunday, 17 June 2007

The Jump Jazz Trio + One

As anybody can tell you, Adelaide is really the "Paris of the South". What can one do in Paris that can't be done in Adelaide? I ask you !
We have a few towers (TV towers), a couple of really old bridges, a thing that almost resembles the Centre Pompidou, and of course The Jump Jazz Trio.
How good is that?
Here, the boys are thumpin' an' the snags are grillin' - at MK Haircutters in Aldgate.


Michael said...

Another reason for me to visit... do you think they'd allow a lowly tenor banjo player join in?

Michael said...

(better not tell them I'm American though...)

M.Benaut said...

How nice to see you.
LTBP's are in extremely short supply round these-here parts, lately.
One whiff of your skills, and you'd be lassoo'd big time.
Perhaps get a stick-on Hercule Poirrot moustache to get the ball rollin'. Act a bit country-n-western and talk without breathin'.
When someone asks, who's the Yank? Speak French.
Nobody else does here.
Then a few bars of Duelling Banjos and you'll be 'in like Flynn'.
Quite simple really. Just let me know when you are planning to be here.
E casa su casa.

lv2scpbk said...

Nice photo of the band. I bet that was a nice sound.

Today I've posted different Amish buggy's. Take the 320 question quiz to see how much you know about the Amish.

alice said...

I'm sure you can do many things in Adelaide which are impossible in Paris...

Ame said...

Touch the Tour de Eiffel!!!



HEY CLOBBER!!!! Long time no seeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! =)))

Bergson said...

In France the festival of the music proceeds the day of the summer on
June 21.

Let us hope that the rain will remain in Australia this day; -)

Michael said...

Well I'd love to be strumming up some good ole dixieland jazz with these guys, rain or shine. The one thing I miss doing in Paris, although the Parisians love that kind of music.

How far are you from Beijing M et Mme? I am going there way too often and never think of prolonging my trip. Maybe I should...

Mme Benaut said...

Michael, Beijing is very, very close (well, it's on our side of the globe anyway) in longitudinal terms but the lateral is a challenge - you see, we are in the southern hemisphere while Beijing is in the northern. Nevertheless, the flight is only about 10 hours or so and we definitely think you should extend your trip and come and visit with us. (Note my American language skills - we are experts at it - just leave the "ly" off every adverb - and you get "quick", "real". As in "get here real fast". Lol, Mme xx

Sally said...

All they need is a plage along the Torrens....

Now, here's a coincidence. Fancy me being another stubborn Scorp!!

And the obelis, obelisk, whatever, i lieke best is Uderzo and Goscinny's Obelix. Which stories have the VERY BEST pun ever in Dogmatix.

Z said...

That's the spirit. But what's this about something resembling the CP? Surely you've had a post about it, care to provide a link?

You mentioned on my Villigen (CH) blog that you thought summer was still far away for us. Well, not so! We're definitely in summer now, though we still have some strangely cool spells now and then.

M.Benaut said...

Merci pour votre commentaire,
Voici - votre lien, ci dessous.

Sally, the plage in Paris is actually on a barge, I think.
Were one to swim in either the Seine or Torrens, then one's body might dissolve in the toxicity.

Never mind the process, just think of the result. The red carpet is being dusted down for rolling out. Just say the word.

Mi casa es su casa. Now don't that prove that I've been making my devoirs ?

As it will be Mid Winter day here in Oz, I promise to give you a sunny day en Pays de la Loire et à, Châteaubriant également.

You're just a little trick, but I'll think of something.
My Grandfather once said that the only impossible thing was to slam a revolving door !!!

Oui !! and the same goes for Arradon, too.

It was great foot stompng music. Do the Amish indulge in music, I wonder ?

Michael said...

Thanks M et Mme...after 10 hours of flight to Beijing, another 10 hours is easy - thus the interest to try and make the most out of my being already halfway there.

As for Paris is actually a beach, with imported sand, laid along the banks of the Seine. It is not on a barge, unless you're thinking of something else.

Michael said...

As for "making your devoirs"...are you taking Spanish too? You could move to Miami talking like that!