Saturday, 2 June 2007

Notre neuvième 'Bonfire' annuel est annulé.

Aujourd'hui le bon Seigneur a décidé d'envoyer en bas de plus de pluie. La terre est comme un marais et le bois sur la pile du 'bonfire', est humide aux os.
Mais, n'ayez aucune crainte. C'est comment mettre le feu à une collection de branchements. Quand les pluies s'abaissent nous commencerons encore.
J'espère que vous pouvez sentir la chaleur en cette photo.

Our ninth annual Bonfire is cancelled.
Today the good Lord decided to send down more rain. The ground is like a swamp and the wood on the bonfire pile, is wet to the bones. But, do not have any fear. This is how to set fire to a collection of branches. When the rains subside we will begin again. I hope you can feel the warmth in this photo.


Z said...



RamblingRound said...

This would have been a great July theme day photo: the color red!

Bergson said...

A red which heats us
good courage

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Monica said...

Sorry that your party was canceled. I know you're looking foward to it!
Seems it's going to be wild!

Martel said...

damage, it is a beautiful photograph

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Chad said...

wow, that is a great photo.

Annie said...

Surely that would be successful in starting fire on any day other than a flooding day.

Michael said...

I love this photo, bonfire or not! The colour is great and you get the feeling of being there. Bravo!

Kate Isis said...

No bonfire, a big awww for you guys. Rain though we need it sometimes picks the worst possible time to fall upon us.
But now you have the bonfire to look forward to on an otherwise unplanned weekend.

Nathalie said...

Beautiful photo, love the colour red!

Bonfire in French is 'feu de joie' - interesting, eh?

skuiki said...

powerful photo :)