Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Notre Kookaburras retournent pour leur déjeuner

Ici, dans notre jardin, chaque jour, Les "Wozzos" aiment se reposer dans les chênes et chanter pour leur dîner.

Certains pensent qu'elles font le bruit d'un film d'horreur, mais elles sont simplement, les oiseaux très heureux.

Si vous souhaitez entendre leurs belles voix, svp KLICK-ICI


Monica said...

Cute kookaburras! I love to see how you are surrouded by lovely animals all around.
I think their presence is very good to the spirit.
That´s probably one of the reasons why you´re such a nice guy!!!

dive said...

Bonzer bird, MB.

Unfortunately the office blocks YouTube and my connection at home isn't good enough to load them, but I'm more than content with the lovely photo.

alice said...

Do they cackle like that early in the morning too???

M.Benaut said...

Merci chers amis,

Monica, you are too kind. I hope you are feeling healthy and well after your grippe.

I will Monday-Mêlée your office. You missed the shrill laughter of these Wassos.

They love to sing in the morning. You discover the way they communicate by listening to all the various calls. Cackle, is a very appropriate description.
Son chant ressemble à un rire rauque.
En français, ils sont connus comme - Martin-Chasseur Géant.

Anonymous said...

I have never seen these kinds of birds before. I like your photo of it.

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Trapping the Japanese Beetle
Brookville Daily Photo
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Terroni said...

I have got to learn French!

Mme Benaut said...

No need to learn French Terroni - there are on-line translators but I will ask M.B if he could please put English on too for future posts.
The text says:
Here, in our garden, each day "les oiseaux" (the birds) love to wait in the oak trees and sing for their dinner.
Some think they they make a sound like a horror movie but they are simply very happy birds.
If you wish to hear their beautiful voices, please click here.
PS Kookaburras are sometimes known as "laughing jackasses" because of their hooting and cackling call. It is quite unique and they call at sunrise and again at sunset (and in between). They eat lizards and frogs and snakes - they are quite large birds but they have tiny little legs and walk like penguins - generally in short little jumps. They have beautiful metallic blue wings which unfortunately this photo doesn't show.

Monica said...

M.Benaut you are incorrigible!

Terroni said...

Thank you for the translation!
We used to sing a song about kookaburras when I was little. (I can't remember it now. When I call my mom later, I'm going to ask if she does.) I never imagined that the bird we were singing about ate lizards. I learn something new every day! :>

guided by art said...

I love kookaburras - they're my favorite birds. I had a little buddy while staying in Adelaide. Every morning I would step out on the balcony at the house I was staying in and he would come to me. The first day there he kept hopping closer and closer to me. So close I got this a very lovely photo of him (see him on my blog at http://guidedbyart.blogspot.com/). I rewarded him with fish skin, which he took from my hand. He promptly beat it on the railing (probably thinking it was a live fish or something) and took his time eating it. I remember giving him a name - can't remember it, but every morning for a week I called him and he'd come. He was obviously exposed to humans, although, I found it interesting that no other birds came and I never had another experience like that with a kookaburra anywhere else. I wondered if, perhaps, he had been cared for as a youngster and then released into the wild. Have you ever heard of such a thing with kookaburras?