Saturday, 9 June 2007

J'aime le travail, toujours. Je peux l'observer pendant le jour entier

Nos politiciens ont un carnaval !!
S'ils jettent assez d'argent, est-ce que peut-être quelqu'un se rappellera leurs visages ?
J'espère que ces jeunes hommes auront plaisir à monter sur les nouveaux trams et oublieront les politiciens qui construisent des monuments à eux-mêmes.

I always love work. I can watch it all day.
Our politicians are having a carnival. If they throw away enough money, perhaps somebody will remember their faces?
I hope that these young men will enjoy riding on the new trams and forget the politicians who build monuments to themselves.


Nathalie said...

Love the pun, I'd heard it before but it still makes my day everytime!

Remembering their faces is not what matters, all we need to do is remember the name to tick on election day...

M.Benaut said...

Oui, Nathalie, nous espérons qu'on est inscrit à pour voter !!

Anonymous said...

It looks like a lot of local businesses will lose a lot of customers and money to this construction effort.

Our city fathers thought that it would be a great idea to redo our downtown streets and they did. Tore everything out and made it all new and it took most of a year. All of the businesses lost money because people could not get to the stores. Now the downtown is vacant. We have idiots in charge of local government and look who is running our National government. A Bush!

I hope your city does fare better in the end.

M.Benaut said...

Monsieur le Président,
Seems that it's a pattern occurring all over the world.

We don't have a Bush. We have THE bush, and it occupies nearly 3 million square miles.
We say that someone has "gone bush" when they are on vacation or has shot through, vamoosed, made themselves scarce, buggered-off or painted themselves with invisible paint.
So, we have enough bush to sink a battle ship. If there's a spare one out there, perhaps there could be some folks in Washington who may take him in !

Bergson said...

Me also I like to look at working

but some time when I am hungry

I am obliged to work too


Ame said...

Not gonna touch the BUSH comment...LOL! Cool shot DUUUUUUDE! Nice legs on that worker there! ;)xo

Michael said...

Wow Ame...was wondering where you had gone too. Welcome back.

They had a similar issue with installing the tramway in the south of Paris, but now it seems to be back to normal for the businesses. I'm not sure if the French government stepped in to aid the businesses or not, but now they get a lot more traffic due to the trams. (I would say that wouldn't I?!)

lynn said...

Just heard about the terrible storms in Aus. Do hope you're okay, i don't know if it's near you and no time to look up where it is right now!

Back later xx

Dina said...

We are seeing alot of this here in Malta with all the construction that is going on.

M.Benaut said...

I thought that all people in Châteaubriant and those throughout the Pays de la Loire and everybody in La Belle France sat out in the sun, wearing un béret and drinking champagne.
Mais nous tous avons faim de temps en temps, n'est-ce pas?

Had I known that you liked nice legs on workmen, I would have been quicker off the mark, M"AAAM !!

You don't miss a trick, Monsieur.
Talking of trams, (did you know that I like trams? ), is the new line going nicely. I must try to find links to some more photos. It must be about a year old, now. I remember seeing the pelouse being rolled out. And the street furniture and poles supporting the catenaries were très élégant.

I am going to Lyon, now, to check out the new trams, there. I hope they are ALSTOM, but I won't know till I get there.
Also, I see that by 2014, one will be able to travel Paris vers Francfort, in just over 2 and a bit hours sur la TGV Est européenne. (Can you recommend another LINK?) Merci beaucoup, Michael, d'avance.

I answered your comment at Cheltenham.
Merci, egalement, Madame.