Wednesday, 13 June 2007

«Expédition de découverte par le Commandant Baudin sur le "Géographe", 1803.»

C'est l'inscription qui a été rayée par capitaine Nicolas Baudin sur cette roche que nous appelons maintenant, «Frenchman's Rock», ou la «Roche du Français».

En ces photos, aujourd'hui, nous pouvons voir le petit temple qui a été construit au-dessus de la Roche du Français, et également la Baleine Franche Australe qui vient chez les habitants de Penneshaw sur l'île de Kangourou.

This is the inscription that was scratched by Capt. Nicolas Baudin on "Frenchman's Rock", Kangaroo Island during his Expedition of Discovery in 1803.

In the second photo, today, we can see the small "temple" that was built over Frenchman's rock; and the Southern Right Whale who is visiting the inhabitants of Penneshaw on Kangaroo Island.


Ame said...

HEY! There's your FART MB!!! I can see it in plain English, LOL!

Blow hole...fart hole...nevermind, it's all AIR!!!


Now I'll actually have to go back and READ your post!

I'm in a visual mode this morning...having my little Mocha with a splash of Bailey's Irish Cream...mmmmmmmmmmm...good for what ails ya! ;)

Dsole said...

Oh! that's really exciting!!

alice said...

It's remind me of the whales we saw in Hervey Bay, a great memory!

Anonymous said...

Sighs with jealousy. If they'd had a whale at the pound i would have adopted one of those to.
Whales are my major ambition, I want to see one before Dive eats them all!

Olivier said...

waouhhh. c'est superbe cette baleine, cela doit etre impressionnant. Bon a Evry on a quand meme des poissons rouges ;o)

waouhhh. it is superb this whale, that must be impressive. Good A Evry one has red fish nevertheless ;O)

Nathalie said...

Was this shot taken recently?
Haven't seen any whales along the coast here in Sydney yet.