Saturday, 16 June 2007

Une vue panoramique donnant sur Adelaïde un jour ensoleillé.

Il y a toujours les touristes étrangers chez Mount Lofty. Ils parlent avec enthousiasme dans leurs langues maternelles.
Malheureusement il n'y avait personne qui a parlé français aujourd'hui, donc j'ai dû parler dans Swahili. Quel dommage !

A panoramic view over Adelaide on a sunny day.

There are always foreign tourists at Mount Lofty. They speak excitedly in their native languages.
Unfortunately there was no one who spoke French today, therefore I had to speak in Swahili. What a shame!


Château-Gontierdailyphoto said...

A nice place to see everything around.

Dsole said...

oh I love those kind of places!! J'aime beaucoup ton photo!! I would sit there for a couple of hours to watch your city from the height..

lv2scpbk said...

I would love to know another language but don't. I like those benches.

Abraham Lincoln said...

I like your photograph this morning. I also admire you your language skills.

Abraham Lincoln
Brookville Daily Photo

Bergson said...

les touristes semblent admirer cette belle vue.

Mon anglais est approximatif, dans mon dernier commentaire je voulais dire que la photo de la cathédrale manquée sur votre blog (c'est à dire qu'elle était absente)
et aujourd'hui elle n'est pas visible sur votre blog ; il y a un petit carré à la place.

Nathalie said...

What would the world be without you, m.benaut? Thanks for your strong stand for the Dalai Lama! I'm glad to see some people speak up in this country. Expression of strong views isn't encouraged here, I find.

John Howard's original refusal to meet the Dalai Lama out of fear of irritating the Chinese was an absolute disgrace and his turn-around no doubt was only due to Kevin Rudd's popular choice to meet him. Shame!

M.Benaut said...

I am sorry that is not showing.

I have loaded it using MOZILLA FIREFOX.
And today also?
Thank you. I will attempt to rectify this. (Mais je ne sais pas comment).
Perhaps it is caused by FIREFOX ?

Nathalie said...

PS - my little French lesson of the day:
Better use Quel dommage! than Quelle honte! in this instance:

Quel dommage is the correct translation of What a shame meaning "what a pity" whereas Quelle honte means "shame!" as in "Shame on the PM for his attitude" - blaming someone for something... but there's no shame in speaking Swahili!

M.Benaut said...


Thank you for your stand on this matter.
The PM's equivocation on this matter leaves me a little distressed also.
The D L is an absolute delight, in every way.
Perhaps Australians are so insular that we become too laissez faire in such matters.

"Expression of a strong view", could be a good topic for a Theme Day.

I did enjoy your French Theme Day, et Laurent aussi.

M.Benaut said...

Quel dommage que je vraiment ne peux pas parler Swahili ?

lynn said...

Wow what views. I'd love those, so long as i was not too near the edge lol!

How are you both? Well i hope... not been around for a few days, work work. Missed you though! Thanks for your concern, means a lot to me.

M.Benaut said...

Welcome back to Australia: a Dalai Lama - friendly country.

Ame said...


Great shot!


Don't you need a reeeeeeeeeally limber tongue for that???

Just humor KNOW I don't get OUT much! Waaaaaaaaaaah! LOL!


CaBaCuRl said...

Great spot for a top view. Adelaide is a beautiful city, and has the lovliest test cricket ground in the world I think.

Kate Isis said...

Love the benches, might try building something like that with my class next term.
Will have to stop at this lookout when I come down later this year.

Monica said...

Oh wow!!! Seems Mount Lofty is a really great place for a panoramic view! You've capture it very well!

M.Benaut said...

Thank you mes amis,
Your comments are truly appreciated.
While I was taking this shot the bandicoots were running around inquisitively. (Another Australian marsupial).
I shall attempt to show you one because I suppose nobody knows what a bandicoot is ?
As soon as I can.