Monday, 18 June 2007

Quand la Reine Victoria observe la scène

Quand la Reine Victoria observe la scène d'Adelaïde, elle peut voir le long de King William Street vers Adelaïde de nord. Elle peut voir les trams dans Victoria Square et la vie vibrante de la ville. Sur l'horizon, elle voit la cathédrale Anglicanne de Saint Peter.
Voici la vue du dos de cette belle église; la vue qu'un voit tout en venant vers la ville du nord.

When Queen Victoria peruses the Adelaide scene from her statue in Victoria Square, she can look straight down King William Street, to North Adelaide.
She can see the Trams in town and the vibrant city life. On the horizon, she sees the Anglican Cathedral of Saint Peter.
Here it is from the rear; the view one sees when driving in to town from the north.


Monica said...

What a beautiful town you and mme. live! Good for you, and keep those wonderful shots coming!

ps said...

i agree, i also like the thoughtful words accompanying each photo.

Anonymous said...

Love that gothic looking church. Fits in well with Queen Victoria. Adelaide looks so pretty I may have to get down there sooner.

dive said...

Your local stone is so lovely and warm, MB. And you do have some fabulous Victorian buildings. Thank you for showing us.
But if you're driving in to town from the north you're on the wrong side of the road! I do hope you don't risk life and limb to bring us your wonderful photos.

rob, from Adelaide said...

dive you are very observant, this photo had me intrigued as something seemed strange.
I was telling ame that they drive on the wrong side of the road in CA now MB publishes this... he has some explaining to do.

Mme Benaut said...

Hi there Rob - you know that crosswalk across O'Connell Streeet? I could be wrong but my guess is that the lights were red for north/south traffic and M.B was in the middle of the road crossing from east to west or vice versa.