Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Oiseaux, encore. More Wassos !

Tandis que les Kookaburras (le Martin-chasseur géant), se reposent et observent, les herbivores picotent loin aux graines que la Madame jette à elles.
Les herbivores sont Galahs, (Cacatoès rosalbin), un des plus commune de la famille de cockatoo (Cacatoès) en Australie.
Les perroquets (Les perruches du genre Platycercus) que vous voyez, sont des Oiseaux de Rosella et nous avons un grand bon nombre d'elles dans notre jardin à tout moment.

While the Kookaburras sit and observe, the herbivores peck away at the seeds Madame throws to them.
The herbivores are Galahs, one of the most common of the Cockatoo family in Australia.
The Parrots you can see, are Rosella birds and we have a great many of them in our garden at all times.


dive said...

Those are beautiful, MB. You are so very, very lucky.
They're not exactly quiet though, are they?

Terroni said...

I love the look of the one perched on the sprinkler.
Such beautiful creatures in your garden.

Kuanyin said...

I always wondered what a kookabura looked like!

Mme Benaut said...

Dive - the galahs can be very noisy and after a long spell of dry weather, when it rains, sometimes they hang upside down on the electricity wires with their wings spread out. Hence the expression for someone behaving like an idiot in Australian slang is sometimes called a "galah". Also, when they first take flight in the mornings, their flight is "S" shaped - they don't fly in a straight line until their wing muscles have warmed up. The rosellas on the other hand are stunning small parrots. Ours are the Adelaide Hills variety but there are many other colours in various Australian regions. The Blue Mountains rosella in Sydney is a deep cherry red and blue/purple. These birds are green when they are tiny and don't develop full coloration until they are 3 years old.