Thursday, 8 May 2008

Des trams dans la Carré Victoria, un jeudi ensoleillé.

Le soleil à midi est très bas dans le ciel en mai, et les ombres sont longues, mais néanmoins le jour était chaud et plaisant. Il a fait environ de 23° C. Une meilleure proposition, que se reposant dans mon bureau et souhaitant que j'aie été en France, encore !
Dans le fond, on peut voir l'hôtel, Adelaïde Hilton. Vous vous rappelez ma première photo que j'avais nommée, "Garçons Marchant?" C'était là que je l'ai pris. De toute façon, les trams de Montpellier semblent plus intéressants. Je pense que je dois demander au conductrice d'écrire le signe de destination, en français. Cela dérangerait tout le monde! Nous pourrions tout terminer dans La Pompignane ?
Trams in Victoria Square on a sunny Thursday.
The sun at midday is very low in the sky, in May, and the shadows are long, but nevertheless the day was warm and pleasant; it was about 23° C.
A better proposition, than sitting in my office and wishing that I was in France !!!


Anonymous said...

Think London needs trams.

dive said...

I was just thinking how lovely it is to see grass growing between the tracks.
Mo's right. We do need the trams back in London. The tube is always out of order and the bendy buses are crap.

Unknown said...

Oh me too, M. Benaut, it was a bit of a riot last night at the Paris picnic by all accounts.

Jilly said...

Love trams. This has been an interesting couple of days. didn't even know that Adelaide had trams, so I needed educating. Nice yellow painted ones too!

Anonymous said...

Well, it is almost summer in France, the USA also

Michael Salone said...

Ahhhh yes, the trams. Beautiful aren't they? And eco-friendly as well. Do we know who manufactured these Monsieur?

Kris McCracken said...

I don’t like bendy buses either. I would love to have a light rail system here in Hobart, but alas, I know that it will never happen.

claude said...

Très beau tramway sous le soleil ! Tu pourras peut-être voir ceux du mans, Ils sont orange et la population ne l'apelle pas toujours Désir !

M.Benaut said...

Perhaps with all those bullet holes all over the place, the city fathers are a bit reluctant !

We have bendy buses too and a dedicated "O-Bahn" system. Will show it to you. Take a gander at...

Whether a promise or a threat, we'll get you there, (Paris), by hook or by crook !!!

We will get you back down under one day. See above. !!!!

Extra grouse to have you here, in black and white, my good friend. I owe you an email or 3 .

You 'done good' in Paris yesterday. Let's think of that as a practice run for August ??
Sadly, 'them thar' trams are not ALSTOM trams. Alas they are Bombardier FLEXITY Classic vehicles.
Je suis désolé de dire ceci. Nous aurions préféré des trams d'ALSTOM dans notre ville.

In Adelaide, the diesel buses belch tons of exhaust fumes into the air. When one drives behind them, the windows need to be up.
A mistake that was perpetrated on the population in the late 50's and never satisfactorily resolved.

The orange trams of Le Mans certainly appear to be most desirable and the 13 kilometre trip from Université - Saint-Martin - Antarès would be a wonderful experience.
Michael, however, will be pleased to hear that your trams are ALSTOM Citadis 302, which began their delivery in 2007.
Maybe, Claude, you will show us your trams, one day?