Friday, 30 May 2008

Ce qui fait le coup d'oeil d'hommes, d'abord?

C'est le visage, les cheveux, la figure? Ces femmes manquent 25% de quelque chose ?
Peut-être l'autre 75% est plus jolie.
Il y en a en pagaille dans les boutiques, mais en réalité, ils sont de l'autre côté de la vitrine à Adelaïde.

What is it that men look at first?
Is it the face, the hair, the figure? These women are lacking 25% of something?
Maybe the other 75% is prettier. There are loads of them in the boutiques but in real life they are on the other side of the glass in Adelaide.


dive said...

I usually check their pulse.

If they've not got one I'm in with a chance.

Dido said...

headless? brainless? what is the expression in Australia?

lyliane six said...

Elles sont de l'autre côté de la terre, mais elles n'ont pas la tête à l'envers, car elles l'ont perdue!!!!

Katie said...

Great photo! I love store windows. And how fun that I can start planning my fall/winter wardrobe even though it's Spring here in California! I'm thrilled by all the French in your blog; it will be a great help refresh my French before my trip to Paris in September. Can't wait to check out your vast archive!

Unknown said...

Bonjour Monsieur Benault,

Bien vu et avec beaucoup d'humour! :-)
Alors je me demande maintenant comment sont les acheteuses fievreuses de l'autre côté de la vitrine...
Bon week-end

claude said...

Le prix des vêtements est réduit alors ils ont réduit les mannequins aussi.

Anonymous said...


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Bien cordialement

Anonymous said...

Australia is Down for me.
What if I sleep?
And what if in my sleep,I dreamed?
And what if in my dream,I dig
directly,straight and deep enough?
And what if when I awoke,I should be likely to end in Aussie and
to say: "Happy Birthday" MrBenaut?
Ah! What then?

Maria said...

Nothing beats a hot brain....

Unknown said...

Men often address my t-shirt. Though, if asked that question, they'd usually say something like the eyes, the hair, you know, something decent. I reckon it's the figure. For as long as they can get away with it, then the eyes zoom up to the face, hoping to avoid a slap.

I would never slap, mind you, but it does put me right off to be looked up and down when introduced.

CaBaCuRl said...

Umm, is it body fat they are missing? Is that the shape of a woman society demands nowadays? By the look of shop windows, advertising etc, it is.

Michael Salone said...

Am I wrong or is it someone's birthday today M. Benaut? I believe so!

Happy Birthday!

dive said...

Hey! Michael's right!
Happy birthday, monsieur B!!!

Thib said...

Happy Birthday, happy B'day, Mr B'!

Thib said...

My previous comment is dated 2nd June ;-(
But here in France we are still 1st June 8:12pm.
So I hope I'm still on time ;o)

Unknown said...

Bonne Anniversaire M. Benaut! Amusez-vous bien le soir. x

Terroni said...

64 never looked so good... ;)

Kris McCracken said...

If we are talking knitwear, I let my wife do it.

CaBaCuRl said...

Happy happy birthday and whatever else you fancy!

Anonymous said...

Hope he'snt fallen into his Birthday fire with his wife,his family,his friends,isn't he???

Jules said...

Hi M B - you don't look a day older than Marilyn!!! So sorry I couldn't make the party - maybe next year!!!

Have arr back from Mt Hagen (18 hrs late)to a sick computer, no phone lines and Benson & HWDB with their feet (all 6 of them) on the coffee table.

I feel totally headless myself!!!!

M.Benaut said...

Dive, old son, you are too funny.
Which one do you think is Porphyria?
Clue: ask Robert Browning.

Dido, we prefer 'legless' but that will be accommodated in a future post.

Lyliane, I thought that we were 'tout et tête à l'envers dans ici'.

Katie, They say, if we dig a hole deep enough, we will be in sunny CA. It's so nice to see you here. Merci beaucoup.

Dorothee,les acheteuses fievreuses sont tous en vacances, je crois; comme moi.

Claude, c'est la voie australien?

Ulysse, merci merci pour toutes vos suggestions aimables. Je les étudierai toutes. Je vous répondrai dans un plus grand détail après que je dorme. De nos jours ont été effrénés avec envoyer mes mercis sincères à tous mes amis aimables dans l'ensemble de la France, juste comme vous.

Anonyme, quand vous faites un si grand trou dans la terre, alors, je vous remercierai de la mode australienne appropriée et secrète. Ca me fera le plus grand plaisir de récompenser un poèt si intelligent, en tant que vous.

Maria, some lateral thinking may reveal an alternative and it's not beer !!

Lynn, a good slap might never go awry. I have been slapped for less.
Naturally a gentleman may prefer to avoid such a thing but life can be full of risques, n'est-ce pas ??

Cabacurl, advertising does not always reflect the masculine desire, though. I reckon that women dress for other women. The blokes just dream. "Dream-on, chaps", as they say.

Michael, Dive and Thibault, Je ne peux pas imaginer, comment vous avez su que c'était mon anniversaire. Je vous remercie de mon coeur. J'aurai trente deux ans, (x2)

Merci Lynn, I hope to post photos of the bonfire, soon, but blogger is giving me curry. That's why things appear to be behind time at the moment.

Terroni, you are much too kind, and it's very nice of you to say so.

Kris, then you must be a very happy man. Your turn will come, believe me !!

Cabacurl, you are leaving much to the imagination ?

Anonyme, I have been concentrating on my most recent post and this has caused me much heartache. You will see when you read it on Saturday 31 May. I try hard to not fall behind.
Très tristement, ceci s'est produit ce jour.

Jules, that was a terrible fright. We will not only bring gin when we invade you. Alors, we will bring you a new coffee table.
I regret to say that I have been a bit off-air lately. Either the phone lines or Blogger are giving me hell. I hope to get out and visit you all ASAP, but nothing will load at the moment. I am amazed that i can even get these comments out.
I now know how you feel, all the time.

Thib, Il me fera le grand plaisir de vous contacter dès que je pourrai en mesure, mais j'ai des ennuis avec cette machine stupide.

Oh, to be in Paris soon !