Thursday, 15 May 2008

Les moutons et les agneaux sont meilleurs qu'une tondeuse

À soixante-dix kilomètres aux sud du chez Benauts, mes amis Héloïse et Jérôme souhaitent construire une nouvelle maison de ferme.
Aujourd'hui nous avons déterminé le meilleur emplacement pour leur nouvelle maison, haut sur le flanc de coteau, et avec une belle vue vers le Fleuve Murray et les lacs.
Dans le fond, on peut voir beaucoup de vaches se reposer sous les eucalyptus.
Sur mon retour à la métropole, je me suis arrêté à manger une petite baguette à Strathalbyn et pour observer des enfants alimenter les canards et les oies.
Sheep and Lambs are better than a lawnmower.
Seventy kilometres south of chez Benaut, my friends Héloïse and Jérôme are going to build a new farmhouse. Today we determined the best location for their new home, high on the hillside, and with a ripping view towards the Murray and the lakes. On my return to the metropolis, I stopped for a little baguette at Strathalbyn and to watch the children feeding feeds the ducks.


MmeBenaut said...

Lambies! How wonderful my darling. So that's where you were today. Superbe!

Anonymous said...

Wow. Both of these photos are excellent. I especially like the children feeding the ducks.

Anonymous said...

Please,by the way, could you let me know something about the brumbies culling? Are there true these images of hunters chasing herds of galoping wild horses and shooting them with semiautomatic rifles? What is your feeling? Why these horses aren't not preserved and protected and domesticated? J

Jules said...

Wow what a great spot!!!!

BTW If you are quick (it won't be there for long) you can slip into Rabaul DP Extra Photos and see my Bay Watch photo. I was so imspired by Mme B's stunning photo I decided to be brave and show you mine.

claude said...

Quand je vivais avec mon ex, nous avions un petit cheptel de moutons, Femelles et un mâle, car nous avions tès grand de terrain. Tu as raison ce sont d'excellentes tondeuses à gazaon.
Nous avons eu beaucoup de petits que nous vendions pour la viande.

M.Benaut said...

J- Anon,
I have not heard too much reportage on this subject. Perhaps this link, discovered by Madame will help a little.

Anonymous said...

mme benaut, does that mean m.benaut doesn't tell you where he's going and you only find out when he gets back ? Maybe you two need to talk more LOL

m.benaut so sorry I missed your british breasts post. Where on earth did you get these photos???

Having said that, mrs benaut posted some beautiful self portraits in a bikini on her blog and she certainly doesn't need any help from a rubber salesman. I think her husband must be a very happy man.

I understand why you were proud of that beautiful "beach shot" of yours.

Dido said...

m. benaut, thanks for your kind words! I'm fairly new to this but will do my best to keep up!

MmeBenaut said...

Nathalie, you are quite correct. On working days, M.B keeps his own schedule. I don't think even he knows where he's going until he gets there! The photographer goes in search of the photo. In a broader sense, yes, I was aware that he had a meeting with those particular clients at their block in the country but absolutely no idea where he might stop to take photos along the way. lol