Tuesday, 27 May 2008

500 bonnes raisons de célébrer

In a previous life I would not have been born on Marilyn Monroe's birthday, June 1st.

I would not have ever dreamed that the Champs-Élysées was so beautiful (when the politicians were eradicated),

I would not have heard the Mona Lisa sing,

Nor heard the digeridoo played in Paris.

Not in my wildest dreams, could I have expected to meet, albeit virtually, wonderful and inspirational people such as Les Enfants Terribles, Who have completely changed my life.

De mon cinq-centième poste, je dis, merci beaucoup, à tous mes blog-amis dans le monde entier.

J'aime vous tous.


dive said...

Happy 500th, Monsieur!
You are as brilliant as ever.

MmeBenaut said...

Brilliant and handsome, Dive!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday, M. Benaut! What a great set of pics and a simply charming description of you at Mme's. I wish you a great day. I also like les enfants terribles! lol x

Eric said...


Merci à vous M. Benaut ;) et bravo pour votre 500ème post. J'espère que nous aurons la chance de nous rencontrer un jour.

Marie said...

Wow, bravo bravo Mr. Benaut ! Vous devez être un des doyens de de la Daily Photo blogosphère !

M.Benaut said...

Merci tellement de vos souhaits aimables. Il me fera le grand plaisir de vous rencontrer à Paris, entre 22 août et 2 septembre.
Puis-je apporter mon appareil-photo ? !!!!!

Thanks to people like you, one can maintain one's sanity.
If you can roll down hills to catch a roll of cheese, you can do anything.
Today is my 500e post, but Miss Monroe and I share our birthdays on the 1st day of winter; le premier juin. She was born in 1926, 38 years before moi.
That, however would not mean that we couldn't have 'got along' !!

Ma chérie,
Ce n'est pas vraiment vrai ? ?

M. Dive,
Perhaps one simply has a good role model.... in Norfolk !!!

Gaëlle said...

Brilliant post!
Bravo pour toutes vos photos et bonne continuation.

M.Benaut said...

Merci, Marie,
Je souhaite simplement créer un sourire, un peu de rire et apprécier le companie de bons amis.
Pour chaque tristesse il y aura un rayon de soleil.

claude said...

Heureux anniversaire pour ce 500ème post. j'y arrive dans quelques temps aussi. C'est très plaisant de bloguer. On se fait des amis, même sans les voir. On s'entraide techniquement (mon prof c'est Bergson). On fait des progrès en anglais. On va nbientôt recevoir des Australiens en septembre... That' very great !

Michael Salone said...

What a big surprise and a nice post for your 500th birthday. I swear you only look 250!

I have only one complaint. You use the term Enfants Terribles. I'll have you know that I am anything but Terrible! Enfant yes, but not Terrible.

I agree with Eric...we'll have to meet up soon. My next trip to Singapore is in June, but I go straight to Chicago afterwards, so it will have to be on another occasion I'm afraid...

Olivier said...

Bravo et félicitation pour ton 500th post. Et puis un voyage à Paris pour un 500th post, c'est le rêve. bonne continuité

M.Benaut said...

Bleeding Orange,
Peut-être vous devriez visiter l'Australie.
Tout incline vers le bas à ici !

Merci de tous vos mots aimables. Nous arriverons dans la Sarthe plus rapide que Superman !!
Si vous parlez en anglais, alors je parlerai en français. Je me demande si nous nous entendrons car nous rirons trop !!!
Il y aura beaucoup d'histoires drôles à le dire.

M.Benaut said...

I'll have you know, too, that at this rate I will look as young as you.
With faster rail travel we can age in reverse, that's why we will catch the TGV just before we meet you !!
I have heard that the whole of Chicago is shutting down for the month of June. You will have to divert to Adelaide.

Ce serait un grand rêve pour visiter Evry, mais hélas, nous devons aller de Paris à Tours en septembre.
Je crois qu'Evry est très près de Paris ?

Thib said...

Happy 500th, M.Benaut!
Congratulations for all your posts, and particularly this funny 500th.

M.Benaut said...

Howdy Thib,

It's very nice to meet a gentleman whom I met, virtually, at the PDP picnic on the embankment last week.
You really had a marvellous evening, and I would have loved to have been there with all of you.
Thank you for your kind thoughts.

De toute façon, j'espère que nous pouvons rencontrer à Paris en 3 mois dès maintenant, si une telle chose est possible.

Anonymous said...


M.Benaut said...

Monsieur le Président,

It's always great to see your happy face, to enjoy your wisdom and to share in all your rich experiences in life.
You are especially, one to whom we all can light a candle and we learn some joy, humility and wicked humour with every contribution that you make.

Thank you for your nice comment of congrats.
You do me great honour.

Thib said...

I should be in Paris at that time. I mean I should be back from summer holidays ;-)
So it will be great pleasure to meet, it we can make it.

Petrea Burchard said...

M. Benaut,
We've said hello at Lynn's and now I introduce myself at your place. Congratulations on your 500th post--and a marvelous post it is! Here you show all the qualities Mme. Benaut mentioned except your legs! (Marylin's will have to do.) The awful thing is, now I've found *another* blog to love.

All the best to you.

And Michael, in case you don't already know, Chicago is lovely in June.

Shan said...

Big Congrats MB!! I am still fairly new to your world of daily photos but I appreciate the virtual tour and the clever words you leave on the various blogs above and beyond your own. Keep up the good posting. You are inspiring and appreciated! :D

CaBaCuRl said...

Your wit & intelligence M Benaut are something I can only aspire to. Congratulations on reaching this landmark...woo-hoooo!

Tomate Farcie said...

Happy b'day and many happy returns! Where is the cake?
What, this isn't a B'day party? Oh, well, then, I guess I'll be on my way ...

Seriously, congratulations on your 500th :)

Trueblue Bob said...

Another Birthday my good friend!! Congratulations, seems like only yesterday that we celebrated the last one... or was that something else?

Terroni said...

Congratulations, Monsieur!
Here's to your next 500.


Rosie said...

Well done, Monsieur.!
Raise you glass "Many more to come!"

Jilly said...

What a lovely post for your 500th. And many congratulations. I so agree with you how life has changed with so many blog-amis. Lovely photos you posted.

Nathalie H.D. said...

Legs as fantastic as Marilyn's
Wits as good as monsieur Chirac's
Voice as mysterious as Mona Lisa's
Breath as powerful as a didgeridoo player's
French as excellent as Eric's

So many reasons to celebrate along with this 500th !

All we need to do now is remember June 1st... not that long to go, is there ? Lst we forget...

M.Benaut said...

You are far too kind with words. We certainly have buckets of fun at Lynn's, don't we. Actually, Marilyn's legs got her into many interesting situations, so I will return in another life, as her, maybe !!

Thank you. It's always nice to meet great people and to learn of their lives. The 48th state must be an inspiring place to live.
I would need to see the ocean, if I lived in Arizona, but, then, you are only inches away from San Felipe.
Don't forget the sun screen for those freckles !!

Thanks for the congrats, I hope Cabarita Beach is nicely warm as we approach winter. I wouldn't mind a nice wave to ride right now. Perhaps you might line up a few for our next trip up to the Tweed !

How is life in beautiful San Francisco ?
I really thought that we would all get to see you on the embankment at the PDPique-nique ! Quel dommage.
Seriously, too, It's really nice to see you here in Adelaïde. Thanks for your nice wishes.
Votre visite m'a fait le grand plaisir.

Herr Schaussengraben,
Dank für alle Ihre Beiträge zu meinem blog. Ihre Hilfe ist wundervoll gewesen, und ich bin, Sir dankbar.

At four bucks a gallon, and fifteen legs, that only 27 cents per leg. A girl could never make a profit with only two legs. Perhaps you could, if the price of gas went up.
Thank you for your nice wishes.

I have been meaning to tell you how much I love your hat.
It suits you, so !! It's obviously a Louis Vuitton. Having said that, I don't reckon it will protect you from ghosts, dear.
They have x-ray vision, on any account. And, British ghosts have superior breeding. I'd go easy with them if I were you.
Thanks for raising your glass to me on my 500th. That's very sweet.

I'm so glad you liked it.
Did you know, (yes, of course you did), that none of these shots were taken on my new camera. In fact I did not take a single one; Crikey, charlie. Don't tell anyone !

You have exceeded my greatest expectations !
Merci, merci beaucoup, pour votre prose merveilleuse.
C'était un cadeau très prévenant et considerate.
Je me rappellerai d'apporter - des jambes, des esprits, la voix, et le souffle. Peut-être, ma langue française sera un peu rouillée !
Madame and I are counting the days 'till we arrive in Avignon.

Anonymous said...

Happy 500th. I admire you bloggers and what you do. I wish I had the time and/or patience. But I am a good blog groupie!

Dido said...

Congratulations on your 500th post! As a very recent convert to the world of photoblogging I take great inspiration from your posts and I love 'meeting' so many wonderful people in amazing places. Please keep it up, I look forward to the next 500 pictures! (Plus your bilingual blog gives me a quick daily practice of French!!)

lyliane six said...

Je viens à Paris vous voir aussi, la Normandie est très proche (1 heure de voiture)je vous donne les clès de ma maison et je l'échange avec la vôtre. Mon ami pourra vous parler de son voyage en Australie.
Bienvenue, à bientôt.

Bergson said...

Bravo pour ces 500 posts !
Une performance !

Je suis toujours enchanté de rendre visite à votre blog toujours plein d'humour

Rosie said...

Ah... I like that hat too but it is not Louis Vuitton.
It was £6 on the sales in Accessorize last year...a much affordable alternative :)
I m glad you don't think they will not protect me from ghosts because I would *die* to meet a real one ;)

So are you planning a big party for the 1st June? Or is it going to be a small affair?

Chuck Pefley said...

Congratulations! 500 is a big birthday :)