Monday, 16 July 2007

Votre arrivée à Adelaïde

Quand nos amis arrivent à Adelaïde, QANTAS envoient le Comité souhaitant la Bienvenue.
Ce jeune homme portera affectueusement vos sacs et il peut même vous donner un grand, grand baiser australien sur la joue. Si vous êtes une fille française, vous recevrez probablement deux baisers ! !
Une autre bonne raison de visiter l'Australie.

If you would like to know why we still call Australia, home
KLIKKK on this link, and you will hear why.
To see more of the Wide, Brown Land
CHECK THIS ONE OUT TOO, and you will hear more.


Dina said...

this guy looks like he is on a thinking break!!

Dina said...

on second thought I think he is resting his feet and thinking !! Any how I like this photo and I really like the song on Australia, it is lovely, and obviously must say some beatuiful scenery of Australia too!!

Marie said...

Thank you very much for your nice compliment. I need that for the moment ;-))

Vous me faites saliver avec vos photos. J'adore l'Australie. C'est un pays qui nous fait encore rêver.

I will click on the links a bit later. I need to rush to the post office (which closes early in France).

Bergson said...

I like your snake of airport.

a very good diagonal color

M.Benaut said...

Comme j'ai dit à Michael il y a quelques jours, "nous vivons dans une terre qui a 3 millions de milles carrés, (7.8 millions de kilomètres carrés)".
Peut-être ses rêves peuvent venir vrai en Australie en raison de l'énorme diversité du climat, du paysage et de la géographie etc... Nous ne pensons rien à conduire 1500 kilomètres. Vous pouvez aimer ce petit exemple, Marie, le Samedi 27 janvier 07.

M.Benaut said...

Bergson you are very drole, and yes you are correct. Un serpent indeed, Monsieur !!

Jules said...

Love this - it is so funny!!! He is obviously bored and having fun - like you do!!

That QANTAS song always makes me cry - when you are Australian and away from home it gets you everytime!!!

Michael said...

I see way too many airports to appreciate this photo my Aussie friends. I will have to check out the links tonight however!

calusarus said...

The question is : do you have shares for the Queensland And Northern Territories Air Service ?
To be serious, I've heard that QANTAS is the only Air Company to have had no airplane crash. Do you know if it is still true ?

Nathalie said...

yes calusarus, Qantas has a fantastic safety record.
But hey m.benaut, you didn't even mention Virgin Blue - great domestic rates to Adelaide. So calusarus may be right: do you have shares in Qantas?

Great photo today: your little symphony in airport reds is fantastic. And the relaxed pose says a lot for hard working Aussies LOL !

M.Benaut said...

No Nathalie. Last time I flew to Sydney, I wore my Virgin Airlines cap. They still fed me. Perhaps I wore it backwards.
Now, that chap on the serpent de bergson, Je crois qu'il est un homme français, non?