Monday, 30 July 2007

Poésie australienne intelligente qui ne devrait pas être traduite

Je n'ai jamais vu une vache pourpre,
J'espère que je ne vois jamais un.
Mais je verrais plutôt une vache pourpre.
Que pour être un.

Quand on regarde tout les Photoblogs magnifiques dans le monde, il y a tellement pour apprendre.
Aujourd'hui, Marie dans Montpellier m'a donné l'inspiration pour écrire la poésie.
Guillaume Shakespeare serait mortifié, - et Marie aussi !!!

When one enjoys looking at the wonderful Photoblogs from all around the world, there is so much to learn.
Today, Marie in Montpellier has given me inspiration to write poetry.
Young Bill Shakespeare would die with his 'leg in the air' !!

I've never seen a purple cow.
I hope I never see one.
But I'd rather see a purple cow,
Than be one.


Z said...

Purple cow, purple cow
Have I heard of you before?
(sounds very familiar, for some reason).

Alas, no ideas on the blue car in Villigen. I'm preparing myself for a conversation in my dreadful German should the owner show up and crank up the car one of these days.

M.Benaut said...

Z, schicke ich Ihnen gutes Glück.

Z posted a photo of an old blue car recently. We are struggling to identify it. We need help from motor experts.

Kate Isis said...

Add a crispy roll and some almost entirely burnt fried onions and a dab of bbq sauce and i bet that purple cow will taste just like a normal one.

~tanty~ said...

Wow, I never seen a purple cow before. Is that their real color? I mean you don't play with photoshop, right?

Jules said...

Obviously these cows have been eating mulberries, either that or the nuclear power station near by may need checking!!

dive said...

Totally trippy, MB.

lynn said...

Gosh. Must be something in the milk at Adelaide, got to you M. Benaut!

Annie said...

Bravo, M Benaut.

Abraham Lincoln said...

The purple cow would be nice to see. Your poem is OK too.

Abraham Lincoln
Down Memory Lane

NorthBayPhoto said...

Purple cow...does that mean you get purple milk! LOL Great shot and alteration. And very funny poem!

lv2scpbk said...

I like your poem. I'd rather see one than me one too.

Wendy said...

Fun photo - that purple cow really "stands out" in a crowd,(even though it's laying down).

Lavenderlady said...

Ha, ha! This is a funny post and makes me smile,

Ame said...

Aaaaaaaaaaaaa thanks Clobber! How'd you know my fave color is purple!!! =)))

How Now Br..I mean PURPLE Cow!

e me demande comme quel lait d'une vache à pourpre goûte ? I'm sûr si j'ajoutais une éclaboussure d'un certain genre de boisson alcoolisée il serait devine ! (How is this? Did I say anything repulsive? LOL!)

And you KNOW she gives raspberry-flavored milk right?


It's about TIME you got "artsy-fartsy" on a more regular basis!


Ame said...

OOPS! The letter "J" got cut off my Frenchy stuff! LOL! ;)

Fabrizio - ikol22 said...

Ehm... Is she a typical purple aussie cow? Are there a lot? :-))

Sally said...

You are a hoot!
Sydney Daily Photo

Marie said...

Génial!!!!!!! J'ai été tellement occupée ces derniers jours par le déménagement de mon fils que j'ai négligé mes amis blogueurs et que j'ai raté ce merveilleux post.............

C'est encore mieux que du Dubost!!!!!!!!

Ackworth Born said...

I've been herding cows all day to day - a couple of dozen or so and have linked to your post here from

cheers, or maybe I mean moo!