Friday, 27 July 2007

L'insulte ultime - Rivalité entre états.

En Australie, comme dans autre pays, là existe un peu de rivalité entre les états différents. Quelle insulte, que les trams d'Adelaïde devront conduire sur les rails de Melbourne.

In Australia, like in any other country, there exists some rivalry between the States.
What an insult, that Adelaide trams will have to drive on the rails from Melbourne.


Jules said...

What a crime - I would keep that information quiet m benaut it could cause a civil war.

Love the photo though - surface rust is just such a familiar thing for me - everything rusts up here!!!

Michael said...

The things that bond...

Of course, the importnat thing is that they stay ON the rails.

lynn said...

LOve the close up.

M.Benaut said...

Civil wars are fun.
Victorians sit on the belcony with Melcom and their skules are in casssssels.
It's hard enough keeping oneself on the rails !!!
How's the shampooing coming along, my dear?