Thursday, 26 July 2007

Nous avons la puissance

If your toaster won't work in Adelaide, you can not blame the Electricity Company. These little garçons have the power in their hands.
They polish the wires and we have the cleanest electricity in all the world.
Adelaïde est la ville propre des Sud.


Ame said...


How did you DO that?

Surely it's "shopped" in SOME fashion...and DON'T CALL ME SHIRLEY!

Love the color scheme too...looking for a comforter (duvet to y'all) in those exact colors as a matter of fact!

Have a HUGEly AWEsome day!!!


Château-Gontierdailyphoto said...

Very nice work - I like the treatment given to this favorite picture today

Jules said...

Wow - the electrician looks like a Christmas decoration on a Christmas tree - so neat!!!!

I missed you yesterday but my thoughts go out to a friends in UK. I have been keeping in touch with Percy at Oxford Daily Photo - who has some amazing photos there.

lynn said...

What a fab photo!

Ame said...


Isn't it already Friday under opposed to "over" there? Just HAD to say UNDER didn't I?

Of COURSE I DID! Sorry...a little miffed at my GUY for....ahhhh...nevermind, go ask Dennis!

It must be a full moon!


Wish it'd hurry up and be Thursday HERE!

OH! Looky! Only 40 more minutes!

IGNORE this please? Thank YOU!!!



PS: Still like that shot!

Hyde DP said...

This morning's post on Hyde DP has a link to Adelaide


Marie said...

C'est vrai ça, comment avez-vous fait?

In a few days I will publish photos of the same type (third type ? :-))

M.Benaut said...

Since only about 3 percent of the world's computers are Apple Macintosh, you may not know that the Apple has an in-built photo editor. Using this function you can vary all the various elements that a photo is comprised of. I generally increase the colour saturation to eliminate "mist" and increase the sharpness.
With this shot, I simply reduced the white level as the shot was taken looking into a very bright sky. Therefore one can see the detail of the victims more clearly.
I will load photoshop at some stage, but Blogging takes so much time, I might leave it for a while.
If you wish, I could borrow another blogger's photo and show you what can be done. Send me an email if you like....

Marie said...

I am very much interested in receiving a photo. I have just sent an email message to you. Thank you very much in advance.

Neva said...

What a great picture!! The colors are wonderful.....and apparently, clean!