Friday, 13 July 2007

Place de Victoria, à plusieurs reprises.

Si vous pensez que j'apprécie la Place de Victoria, puis vous êtes correct. Chaque jour de la semaine, quelque chose de nouveau se produit.
Aujourd'hui les rails finals de tram sont presque complets, et ces petits garçons admirent leur travail. En quelques minutes ils se précipiteront à l'hôtel et célébreront une semaine de bon travail.
Jean-François, vous ne verrez pas cette vue à Denver !!

Victoria Square, again - and again.
If you think that I enjoy Victoria Square then you're right. Every day of the week, something new occurs. Today the final tram rails are almost complete, and these little garçons are admiring their work. In a few minutes they will rush to the pub and celebrate a good week's work.


dive said...

Yikes! Not a hard hat in sight! If that were one of my jobs, MB I'd have to throw them all off site.

Rich said...

I like this photo but dive is right where are the hard hats?

dive said...

I actually rather like the Australian version of Health and Safety Regulations: "No worries, mate".

M.Benaut said...

Well gentlemen,
It was probably getting close to "beer o'clock".
It was Friday.
How can you scratch your nut with a crash hat on?
What does OH&S mean?
Who cares? (Motto on the Oz Coat of Arms).
Crikey, this is Australia, mate !
It wasn't raining.
That's seven,,,
She'll be right, no worries.

Château-Gontierdailyphoto said...


I know you like this Victoria square but i prefer your yesterday post ;-) ...there is more poetry in your photo from yesterday....

Today "devil is passes" on my blog ;-))

Jules said...

Great to hear that trams are in - are they new or are they coming back?? Brisbane-ites were most upset when their trams were taken away by some short-sighted council. Only problem with trams is having to take the left lane to turn right???