Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Pourquoi pas se marie au bord de la mer ?

Les Australiens préfèrent des mariages simples donnant sur l'Océan Pacifique aux Whitsunday Resorts, suivis par les réceptions tout aussi simples ensuite.
Qu'est-ce qui pourrait être plus simple que cela ?

Why not get married by the seaside?
Australians like simple weddings overlooking the Pacific Ocean at Whitsunday Resorts, followed by equally simple receptions afterwards.
What could be more simple than this?


dive said...

Beautiful, MB.
The colour of the sea and the sky makes me want to weep.
My skies are grey and my sea is a dull sludge.
It's time I moved down under.

M.Benaut said...

M. Dive,
It's definitely time, We have some great Architectural firms down here, but dull sludge; nah we're a bit deficient in that quarter.
More weeping in the days to come, Monsieur.

Rambling Round said...

Elegant! I really like the simple blue and white theme with nuptials by the sea.

lynn said...

Oooooh i'm weeping too Dive. God how i need that. Well; the blues the skies the sea, the relaxation, not necessarily the wedding! Well; perhaps, one day if i found Mr. Right, who knows? I don't know. I've been a long time kissing some wrong frogs that's for sure. lol

calusarus said...

I like a lot the second shot : beautiful shapes and colors.

Neva said...

This is a fabulous shot...both of them...Isn't it a little chilly for an outdoor wedding where you are? or am I confused...as usual!? ok and in my book....THIS is NOT simple....looks liek a lot of work happened somewhere along the way!

travelphilippines said...

wheres my invitation for this fabulous beach wedding.

Jules said...

I have just thought of an idea - maybe I need to start a tropical wedding business up here???

My parents honeymooned on Lindeman Is in the Whitsundays - they arrived in a sea-plane - how romantic. He-Who-Doesn't-Blog and I drove to Airlie Beach and spent our honeymoon sailing around the islands - aaah the memories!!!!!

Marie said...

The photos are magnifiques! Blue is my favorite color.

M.Benaut said...

Merci. There is more bleu in the coming days.
I reckon your idea would be a winner; fabulous; as we say in these parts, "Give it a whirl. Shirl. !"
It was actually a promotional display for a company that caters for wedding receptions.
This shot was taken by Adelaide Daily Photo's roving reporter, Herr Schaussengraben. He has been let loose on a mission of discovery throughout the Wide Blue Land and posts wonderful shots, just to make the rest of us envious. Who knows what tomorrow holds?
You must come to Australie. Cedric and Angelique, from Lyon Daily Photo, Ils visitent l'Australie à ce moment.
Come here and we can study Aussie weddings on the tropical coastline.
Lynn and M. Dive,
You both KNOW what my response is going to be.
Just get the suitcases down and start.

drpack said...

Been there ... done that .... Easter 2000, Great Keppel Is.

Nice change to the traditional wedding ceremony ... highly reccomended.

Mind you, it doesn't mean the marriage will last any longer! ;-)

Dear Prudence said...

That is beautiful. Almost makes me want to wed.... NOT