Thursday, 19 July 2007

Un signe rarement vu en Australie

Défense de Marcher sur les Pelouses ou Pelouse Interdite

Ces sont des signes rarement vus en Australie.
Dans ce pays, l'herbe est celle sur laquelle nous apprécions pour jouer et pour marcher sur.
Cependant, si vous êtes police femme, vous conduisez habituellement votre voiture de police sur la pelouse. Ceci empêchera ces beaux petits pieds de police de devenir trop froids.

"Keep of the grass", is a sign Aussies rarely see. Grass is for walking and playing on.
But if you are a Police Chic, you usually drive the cop car on the grass to stop those beautiful little police feet getting too cold.


Kate Isis said...

Driving on grass isn't illegal in Oz - anyone who was ever a teenager with a v8 has done circle work on the local playing fields in their day.
However I do believe photographing the boys in blue is illegal ( so said thetuffy police officer in town the other night) so well done for getting the shot.

Monica said...

I can't see the photo right now, maybe it's a problem with the site.

Say thanks to mme. for her nice words to me!

dive said...

Rats! I can't see the photo either.

And grass is for smoking, MB.

M.Benaut said...

Grazie molto, M. Dive e Monica. Ora presento ancora la mia foto.

dive said...

Woohoo! I can see it now. Thanks, MB.

And yikes! A "No Alcohol Zone"?
That has to be one of the scariest signs I've ever seen.

M.Benaut said...

I took it just for you, M. Dive !!
Naturally, in Australia, signs a just a guide, (for British folk).
We will have a beer together at Glenelg as soon as you get the little cotton picker down under mate.

dive said...

Now I'm really thirsty!

Annie said...

I see the photo but I wish I could see the "warm and beautiful little police feet".

M.Benaut said...

There are many things an Australian police woman will show you, if you ask nicely.
It seems that her feet are just not on the list.
Aussie men just have imagination !
Why not put it to the test in Little Rock?