Monday, 2 July 2007

Le vieux et le nouveau dans l'«East-End» d'Adelaïde, tôt le matin

Adelaide once had an East-End Market, complete with 19 century facades. Now, it has been redeveloped as a residential precinct, complete with eateries, pubs and interesting retail outlets. Some thought has gone into this development to marry the old with the new.
This photo, taken from the East Parklands on East Terrace, shows the east End Apartments and the beautiful old market facades.


lynn said...

Lovely building, really charming.

M et Mme, there's a very interesting aussi blog i have found re: Madeleine and which, out of few opinions brave enough to voice, agrees with my own in many areas. Makes very interesting reading, whatever your views or theories.

Sorry haven't got my magic linking instruction to hand! Hope you are both well.

M.Benaut said...

Thank you Lynn,
I will reply @ Cheltenham.
For those interested, try this link, it seems to work better.

dive said...

Yet another beautiful building, MB. You really are blessed with them. I particularly love the totally over the top rococo faience work on the pediment.

Yasser Rahman said...

I love it when they try and make a new building look and feel colonial..and they succede! Nice capture, the with of the road is really inviting :P

Yasser Rahman said...


The reason why they change the names is pretty simple, darn politics! This may sound harsh and even be a little contraversial, but the political parties here are very regonalised. They are into cast and community based politics. Therefore, they project the local language as more important than even the national language (Hindi) or English. Thats why the names are changed, to please the uneducated rural masses , who are a majority of the voters.

Sometimes they use old names, sometimes they just twist the names around a little bit to sound local! Crazy stuff, they even change names of roads!

Yasser Rahman said...

check if pasting this will help.. or you could look in my april 2006 archives, i think its something that you might be interested in :)

Château-Gontierdailyphoto said...

A beautiful image to show us the marriage of old and the modern one in architecture

Monica said...

Lovely place. The old building gives the area a small town look!

Anonymous said...

I like the old facade and also like the modern but there is a big contrast between the two of them.

It is a nice photograph. I looked at the large version and saw that you drive through the front part to other buildings behind. That is different.

Thank you too for your visits.

Abraham Lincoln
American Gold Finch—

lynn said...

That link, though interesting, is not the same thing at all M. Benaut!

Hope you're both enjoying better weather; it's pouring here.