Monday, 23 July 2007

Travelling North - in the Wide, Brown Land

There are lots of ways to get around in Oz. One of the best ways, is slowly. One can go in a spiral and see the coast and then reduce the radius and return to town via the Red Centre.
Here's the Pacific Ocean. It's what you can see in California, but this is our view of it.
The Adelaide bit, is the vehicle and the caravan of my good friend, Herr Schaussengraben, who is not so highly stressed as the rest of us.
The Syndrome is called, "Travelling North". Gute Voyage Mein Herr


Marie said...

Why isn't he so stressed as the rest of us ? :-)

M.Benaut said...

Je crois qu'il y a une interprétation différente de cette expression, cela est pratiqué quand en vacances. Volubilis quand voyageant, ou gloire de matin d'une sorte différente? Juste un petit jeu avec des mots !!

Rambling Round said...

Looks kind of chilly out there but beautiful view. I never get tired of the ocean, or in my area, the Gulf of Mexico.

Neva said...

What a lovely picture.....I could get into that and go go go!

travelphilippines said...

wow its nice to see the pacific ocean.

Ame said...

So you wrap around Melbourne and Sydney and up past Brisbane and THEN you look Northeast....and THEN you can see the SF Bay Area and THEN you can see MOI!

Right Clobber?

If ONLY it were that easy! Cool shot...makes me want to head over to Santa Cruz today!

Maybe I WILL!


Jules said...

In Australia these people are known as Grey Nomads. More and more retirees are travelling around Oz in this fashion.

Nice car and nice caravan!!!!

lynn said...

Oooh now that is a very welcome sight. I'd forgotten how water can be blue, clean and refreshing and not muddy brown and flooded. lol.

drpack said...

"Slowly"?. Too right! I was there over 20 years and still only saw a smidgen (is that how you spell it?)!

Doesn't the winter in Adelaide look awful? Not!

M.Benaut said...

Awful, is dead true Dennis. It's bloody freezing here at the moment. You have snow when it's cold. We only have COLD but no snow.
We just don't show you the muddy shots.
When it's my turn, I'll be a pink nomad, or just a mad one !!
I'll stand on the coast and yell North Eastwards. Santa Cruz sounds like a nice friendly place. I'll shout toward Light Houe Point.
I reckon you have water more blue than the Pacific !!
Do you guys travel much in caravans, I know that you call them trailers. I had the impression they were not so common in USA.
Rambling round,
I would love to see your nick of the woods, especially from Selma to Mobile, and the Gulf of Mexico. You are closer to the equator than we are.

alice said...

When we have been driving from Sydney to Cairns, in summer2004, we've met so many people like that, a HUGE Toyota (have they ever heard anything about polution?) with metal boat on the roof and a caravan behind. Every evening, I did the washing with the women and my husband prepared the BBC with the men: everybody in his place...ah, ah!

M.Benaut said...

Alice, that is so typical of Australian men. They are King of the BBQ and the women are Queen of the washing.

Ame said...

Or point to Light House Shout!


PS: Shhhhhhhhhh...don't bother me...I'm on blog comment rounds! I'll have my BMD SOON! That's Blog something-or-other!