Friday, 27 July 2007

Das Schaussengrabens sind in den Tropen.

Herr und Frau Schaussengraben from Adelaide, are now north of the Tropic of Capricorn. This is what things are like in Yeppoon on the Pacific coast.

They are enjoying the glorious weather and they now know why all the Mexicans go north for winter.

This photo shows an idyllic setting where a man from Tasmania comes in winter to escape the cold that effects his wife's arthritis. It also shows that you do not need a big boat to catch large fish as large cod and flathead are caught from this spot. A very relaxing atmosphere at 23°C.


travelphilippines said...

awwww i would love to go fishing...

dive said...

What beautiful water, MB.
That is such a relaxing photo.

Jules said...

Ahhh - the secret of our beautiful weather in Queensland is exposed.

I must say though it has been the coldest winter in Qld for donkey's years - even up to Cairns they have been shivering under their newly purchased doonas!!!!

calusarus said...

May fishes in this harbour ?

M.Benaut said...

Calusarus, en Australie, il est légal pour pêcher des poissons dans tous les endroits.
Mais pas sur un pont en route.
J'espère que c'est ce que vous me demandez.

Let's see what Herr S. reports, next, perhaps he will overshoot l'Australie and end up in Rabaul !!!

M. Dive,
We are awaiting the pleasure of your company.

It's not far to travel, or maybe we should go up there !