Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Fruits de la mer du balcon

Mon ami, Herr Schaussengraben, voyage autour de la terre brune large. Aujourd'hui il est en New South Wales, à la belle ville de South West Rocks.
Le petit garçon dans cette famille jette sa ligne de pêche dans le fleuve du balcon. Quand le poisson est pêché, il tire la corde et le poisson trouve la pelouse.
Aucune personne ne doit mouiller leurs pieds et aucune personne n'a le besoin d'avoir faim.
L'Australie en juillet, d'accord !!!

Here are photos of friends home at South West Rocks in New South Wales, near Kempsey. We met them last year in Darwin
Lovely place on a salt water inlet... their son catches flathead by casting from the balcony into the water and hauling them up on the lawn.
It's also got yellow fin whiting, bream, mud and blue crabs and lots of different birds. Alan feeds them all and the come right up to him.
Lots of great seafood in this area.


bluechic said...

oh that's a nice place! It must be fantastic to be able to fish right off the balcony!

Ame said...


And you da BOMB MB!

Thanks for the Hunky Morning!!!

If I didn't have a stupid cold I'd do more with myself! Like order a calendar!!!!


dive said...

What am I doing living on this horrid, rain-drenched little island?
MB, that's paradise.

Jules said...

Great place to live but I do worry about flooding!!

I love how the French call fish the fruit of the sea - such a wonderfully beautiful description. I do think French is the most beautiful language in the world.

Jules said...

PS I have posted my FIRE photos from yesterday. I feel we may have jinxed the place as we rarely have fires here - must have been all that talking of scantily clad firemen that did it!!!!

Sally said...

The ULTIMATE fishing spot! No need to even haul the esky out of the attic - just have a beer fridge right at your finger tips on the balcony.