Sunday, 29 July 2007

Garçons coordonnés par couleur

C'est l'hiver à Adelaïde et personne ne l'aime. Par conséquent ces
hommes portent les vestes qui sont une couleur froide, et en été,
elles portent les vestes oranges! Je pense que le monde est devenu fou!

Colour coordinated garçons ?
It's Winter in Adelaide and nobody likes it. Therefore these men wear jackets that are a cold colour, and in the summer, they wear orange jackets. I think that the world has gone mad!


Neva said...

It's a very nice picture either with green jackets or orange....

Nathalie said...

Winter uniform vs. summer uniform?
Very funny!

Mme benaut, thank you very much for your comments on SDS about skiing in the Snowies and the magpies too. This was fantastic info, straight from the locals!

(can't believe you managed to walk the magpie out of your home without it panicking, this is wonderful!)

Rich said...

Makes perfect sense to me :))

Jules said...

Very very odd - I'll need to think more about this strange habit!!!